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Micro stutters

graphics stutter

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tomsalmon #1 Posted Feb 12 2018 - 01:34


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Is anyone experiencing kind of micro stutters in game? causing a kind of jitter of the screen?

Started this evening, but only when a higher number of tanks were engaged in melee or close combat. 


Running WoT on Lenovo W540 8GB ram Intel® Core™ i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz - 3.7GHz ,Quad core w. NVIDIA Quadro K1100M - never had any problem before.


I am also using below the advised Intel target graphics settings in game for this CPU already.

Will test on another server to see if it is server related.. but looks more client related. 


Kamahl1234 #2 Posted Feb 12 2018 - 01:57


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Could be heat related, also note that GPU is rated at equivalent for gaming to the 740M or 645M, and was rated for medium settings on games from 2013. 


I would rather expect it to have some issues when there's a lot going on, on-screen.

13Disciple #3 Posted Mar 30 2018 - 04:57


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I've also been experiencing micro stutters in game.

Did a fresh install to see if it was mods, or lingering files, but nope. Still getting microstuttes every since 1.0






Major_Grief #4 Posted Apr 09 2018 - 22:59


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Same problem here. Game ran sweet for years. Now this.:(

Mondochiwan #5 Posted Oct 11 2018 - 08:35


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I am getting micro stutters now, and it is a recent problem. I haven't played that much WoT in the latter half of this year as work has been quite manic, and I didn't have these issues before. I also recently started playing WoT on my Dell G3 laptop (8th gen core i5 @ 3.9ghz turbo plus a GTX 1050), so I figured it must be the laptop's performance issues.


I tried it on my desktop PC (4.1ghz OC Core i7 with an RX580 and 8GB RAM), and that gets 100+ fps when vsync is off so on ultra settings, so it simply cannot be a hardware issue. I have an 8 thread CPU running at over 4ghz and the RX580 GPU should be way above what this game needs. I've also got pretty serious Corsair gaming spec, low latency RAM and 8Gb of it, which I would understand might be limiting something like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but not WoT.


The in-game FPS counter shows it locked to 60fps (with Vsync enabled) on both the laptop and the PC, and with vsync off it runs at about 70fps on the laptop and 110fps on the PC. The stuttering is worse with vsync off than when it's on for both machines. Both machines have the latest windows 10 and I update the drivers as they get notified in the control panel apps. And I'm using both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards across the two machines with the same effects. The Encore benchmark reports high scores in the gold "High Performance Rating" for both machines and the average fps don't drop, but I can definitely "feel" the game stutter every now and then as if it's not rendering frames consistently. If I stop my tank from moving and just look at the battle going with a stationary viewpoint, on I can see jerky motion at times.


There must be something funny going on in the game engine since the last couple of updates. The first update to the new graphics engine ran as smooth as silk.

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