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search for a clan continues

clan recruitment clan recruitment

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GoldSpammingNub #1 Posted Feb 14 2018 - 08:37


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Hi all, its been a while now but my hunt to join a clan still continues. Im looking for a clan that is competitive, platoons a lot, and runs clan wars and strongholds. I play mainly high tier tanks, and have numerous  tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks. My tier 10 tanks include the following tanks: IS-7, Batchat 25T, E-100, Maus, Jagdpanzer, Object 140, AMX 50B. Im an average player looking to increase my skill level, and would like to have reliable and skilled players to help me improve my skills and teach me more about the game. My overall stats arent the best, but the good thing about stats is that they can be improved. Actually my stat are probably what youd expect from an average player. Ive been in several clans before and have experience in both clan wars and strongholds, although it has been a very, very long time since ive been in a clan but as im growing increasingly frustrated with the state of pubbies its time to join a clan that can help me grow as a player, and also bring some of the fun back into the average day of playing, and appease the frustration of getting stomped every-other game. If intrested please contact me either on here in the fourms, or in the game client. I have a headset, and microphone and can join teamspeak, or any other communication platform. Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to tanking with you on the battlefield! 


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Whistling_Death_ #2 Posted Feb 14 2018 - 10:27


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You have had an amputation and only have a nub remaining? :ohmy:

Devildog8 #3 Posted Feb 14 2018 - 13:19


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Exiles is a competitive clan looking for active TS using members who want to succeed


What we offer:

1. Active members who seek to be successful 
2. TS and forums for all your communication needs
3. Rigorous clan events nightly ( Strongholds, Clan Wars, Tourneys )
4. A great fun atmosphere with members who enjoy a great time
5. Great leadership that goes beyond whats needed to have a successful clan

What were looking for:

1. Active 3-4 days a week and contribute to clan events
2. Must use TS while in game
3. 5K battles with 49% WR and 1200 W8
4. Able to listen and execute calls given 
5. Have multiple Tier 10s and 8s and be ready for CWs


Also looking for experienced callers who know map tactics and can call tier 10 and below.

We seek members who want to rise to the call and help Exiles move forward


Please apply only if you can contribute and be part of a team


Apply to www.Exiles1.com or visit us on TS let's chat about your future



blairghoul #4 Posted Feb 14 2018 - 13:49


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Highly competitive

Must get\have TS

Be avallible 3 ish nights a week for Stronghold, advances, global map

Be open to training


We have an exellant group of players, just bring no [edited], and be ready to play and have fun


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