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You want feedback?

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Austin8585 #1 Posted Feb 15 2018 - 22:31


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So there is a link for the U.S. players to download the test server.  Then there is a link for me to leave feedback.  The link to allow us United States players to leave feedback takes us to the EU page, which I am not registered for (I have 2 NA accounts, 1 for me and 1 for son, both say invalid login at the Forum, but work for 1.0 test).  So I register, go into my email to confirm......but come to find out, before I can even post I have to have a minimum of 250 battles played.  So you only want my feedback if I am registered with the EU forum, and have played 250 battles on it.  Can you please explain that?   Here are all these links to leave feedback on individual maps etc on the new Test v1.0, but you know what, they are 0% good to us American players, because we haven't played 250 battles on the EU server.  Does that make sense?  It seems that you only take EU feedback, because there are no such links or threads for separate NA players to leave feedback on the maps etc.  Does this make sense?  Leave feedback but no, you can't leave it where we want it, actually we don't really want your feedback cause we only created these threads for the EU players to leave specific feedback?  I'm sorry, I don't understand that you want feedback from only a limited sample that does not include thousands of NA players.  If you want feedback we should be auto registered on the EU forum, that way we wouldn't have above listed issues...

The_Diadect #2 Posted Feb 15 2018 - 22:37

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Just make a feedback thread with your stuff on this forum, it's in their best interest to read it and I'm sure they will, or at least a mod will forward it to someone who cares

__Worm__ #3 Posted Feb 15 2018 - 23:41


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Sooooooooo the testing grounds section of our forums ( which you have posted in ) which has been and is used for people to post feedback about the testing grounds is not the right place to post feedback about the "test"?

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