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Hedge_Knight #1 Posted Feb 19 2018 - 05:29


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Lakeville looks fantastic

LeaveIT2Beaver #2 Posted Feb 19 2018 - 05:36


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I will sell you a condo on it for only $149,995.00 USD.  Unfurnished. 


And yes I agree!

oldewolfe #3 Posted Feb 24 2018 - 14:38


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Take the Deal...     Lake Front here in Maryland would support a 2nd World County for like 25 Years without Subsidising....     And likely 3 or 4 3rd World....


The New Maps look Great so far, even though they pulled some of my Escape Routes.....      Flattened Erlenburg some in the South along the East Route, but added along the Southwest, works for me...         Glacier I thought was pretty Cool, no Pun intended, really, I swear.....         Fjords has gone thru alot of Cgange, really hard to start with what First there....         Arctic Region is one that really Struck me First when the Beta's came out, you had SNOW ON THE TANKS....!!!!!


That was Cool, when I finally got Erlenburg, I wondered how the Snow would react after getting Washed Off in the River.....     The Tracks seem to Pick it back up, as do the Road Wheels, but yhe Skorpion didn't Live long after so I couldn't see if it ever Collected back on the Hull and Turret....      


I'm impressed with it all so far, at least until Beta 3....     I think they Broke something, but alot of Details are no longer there, like Track Links and such....        They look like just Big Fat Rubberbands right now.....

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