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Getting shot through bridge

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MoovingTarget #1 Posted Feb 24 2018 - 18:40


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Since players "can't cheat," I thought I'd include a replay for feedback.  Looks like I was getting shot repeatedly by a T25 Pilot and that the shots were coming through the bridge.  Shots start at 13:42 in the replay.




Explanation anyone?

JakeTheMystic #2 Posted Feb 24 2018 - 19:32


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The pilot was poking the rock the entire time, a common place for heavily turreted mediums and most heavies. If you hug the rock from the back side, you can shoot under the bridge at people who are making their way over the crest on the other side, the place they you were. With the snap shot precision of the Pilot, he was hitting you a good majority of the time, mostly shooting at other people. I used a free cam mod to spectate from his perspective, your perspective, your lower plate, and from the rock. All shots were legitimate. You were at fault for sitting there, bouncing the first few but continued to sit still even after getting penned. 


Just as a side not, there is no mod out there that allows a player to shoot through a solid object (Buildings, rocks, hills, ect.) That would be a server side modification and those simply don't exist.


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