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Gold ammo is being removed :)


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lobsterpot #21 Posted May 09 2018 - 05:17


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This change seems to make gold purchases in the premium shop far less worthwhile. I am surprised the change hasn't been supported by more options to buy credits in the premium shop. Like it or not many tanks have such poor guns that they spend the game failing to penetrate most opponents. At least with the option to purchase better shells it encourages you to keep some of these tanks rather than just selling them. I enjoy seeing a range of different tanks in battles. Most people couldn't afford to shoot just gold shells but in the cases above it at least made you feel your tank could be enjoyed.

McphistoTX #22 Posted Jun 01 2018 - 09:18


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I think we might have missed the point here... To my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) it is the same case where WG could not nerf premium tanks (which could only be bought via real-life currency) due to EU law regulations - people spent real life currency to buy the product of A+B+C attributes as advertised. But then a nerf bat came and took out "B+C" from the product guess what? a refund option needs to be issued - that was the case when Type59 was nerfed.


...And WG can nerf all the Tech-tree tanks (Silver-bought-only) all they want without the need to compensate players.


NOW WG is changing the "Gold rounds'" into Premium "yet-silver-bought-only" rounds that means they can buff or nerf them now - this is the first step in changing the status of those round so they can balance without causing legal issues.


I hope WG is heading the better directions now.

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