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[1.0] Dev Q&A - Submit Questions Here!

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CabMech #1 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 20:51

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Hey Tankers,

EU is doing a video Q&A session with Creative Director, Design -  Andrey Biletskyi this Friday and is welcoming questions submitted from all regions regarding Update 1.0!

Please submit your questions here.  Normal WCFR Rules apply, your post will be removed if it is off-topic or non-constructive.  Please be aware that if your question is used on stream it will be accompanied by your username.

See you on the Battlefield!


power_Donky #2 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 20:59


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Can we pls have all the old maps except Komarin back in the game in HD?


I really miss them

t8z5h3 #3 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 21:03


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-will tanks with dirt on the model be textured to remove the mud? (leachttractor) 

-what will the map list look like for all tiers? (what maps will each tier see) 

-will common test server see version 1 (right now it's

-will the sun in the grudge change location based on the time of the server? 

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AndrewSledge #4 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 21:05


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- How are tests looking for 1.0 performance in the Codeweavers Mac Wrapper for WOT?


edit (additional questions I thought of):

- Are Personal Missions 2.0 arriving with 1.0 or later?

- Can you give any hints about reward vehicles for the new Personal Missions?

- Will it be possible to apply orders earned from season 1 of Personal Missions to Season 2 missions?

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EddyMcChuckleNuggets #5 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 21:31


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View PostAndrewSledge, on Feb 26 2018 - 11:05, said:

- How are tests looking for 1.0 performance in the Codeweavers Mac Wrapper for WOT?

^ This


-Are there any plans to touch up current HD models much like the Tiger I in 9.22, and what are the grounds of updating these models/how is it determined that HD models need a touch up?

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Noivy #6 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 21:35


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Does the ammo rework planned in the future that what is currently known as premium ammo will be just as it said, completely reworked and balanced?


Because removing the option to purchase with gold changes nothing by itself.

Silver_ReBangBang_NiHao #7 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 22:09


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Will arty exp and credits be rebalanced? I feel as if I don't make money and exp clicking people who are better than me from safety. Can you guys at wg make arty easier as its kinda difficult clicking unicums and predicting where they go. Give me a chance to counter those guys!

Iron_Soul_Stealer #8 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 22:32


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Do you at least have a tentative release date for the NA 1.0 ?


And if so, would you please let us know soon. Thank you.



stalkervision #9 Posted Feb 26 2018 - 23:44


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Imo stun effect needs to be modified a bit. When a arty scores a direct hit the tank crew should not be able to operate their equipment for five seconds. Right now they are fully capable of doing so including firing the cannon.A crew that suffered a direct hit by a large caliber Atty shell should not be able to do so. I also belive all Atty should be equiped with at least one self-defense ap. Leaving one class of armored fighting vehicle defenseless is hardly fair. In real life many arty carried self defense hesh!

_Zero_3MarkLegend #10 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 00:17

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First question:

Will matchmaking ever change to +1/-1 Matchmaker?

Keep the 5-10 and 15  formats.


Examples: 5 tier X, 10 tier 9  v. The same ; 5 tier 9, 10 tier 8 v. The same ; and of course 15 v 15 matches. 


Explanation for those interested: I feel like this would fix the problems caused by the pyramid of tiers owned by players. (For those that don't know, this is how most people have a lot of tier Xs now and there are much fewer low tiers.) The problems i am speaking of are being constantly bottom tier in all tiers 5-9 but mainly tier 8. Adjusting the matchmaker would make it much easier to balance tanks but it will also balance matches and lengthen battle times. The reason it would lengthen battle times is because, as an example, if your team has 3 weaker players in the top tier vehicles and the enemy team has strong players in the top tier vehicles it creates rolls. The other thing i spoke of was balancing tanks and if a tier X vehicle doesn't see tier 8s then there is less need of making it balanced against lower pen vehicles. Same goes for tier 8s could be balanced to see eachother and tier 9s and not tier Xs.


More questions:

I don't know the answer to artillery but will there be any changes made to prevent stun induced rage or focused rage (like covering tags or stats)?


Will light tanks get improved view range and camo to help counteract heavies and mediums running at maximum view range?


Will there be ways to get gold again weekly on the NA server? i.e. Tournaments: clan, team, or individual?


Will there be a place to compare number of ace tankers to everyone else on the server?

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Mikosah #11 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 00:27


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If the randoms are supposed to be for casual fun and games, why are scoring and earnings so dependent on the team's outcome? 

If the randoms are supposed to be played seriously and with teamwork, why are our communication options so limited? 

And if the randoms were intended to do both, why do we currently get the disadvantages of both formats? 

Has WG considered smaller team sizes to help alleviate this? 

Graywolf34 #12 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 00:44


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Why isn't there an emblem for completing "Mastery" of any given tank with the exception of mastery missions? Seems like a gold emblem for designated missions completion and silver for mastery earned during normal gameplay would be fair.


Any plans to upgrade the American Tier 8-10 heavy line?


When will the other countries armored line be released?


Great game!

Gothraul #13 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 00:47


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Will there be gold compensation for the loss of limited mm on certain premiums as it was a feature that many players considered when making the purchases? I prefer some partial compensation but either wise keep the tanks and WG makes the changes needed for standard mm.

KingAuthur #14 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 00:49

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yea is there any plans to come out with any defender stile tanks for the german tank line

I hate the russian op tank tree, it seems to be so racist and against what the devs told us about balance the game, it looks like the devs told everybody a big fat lie!


HellsBells_ #15 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:01

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with the new engine is it possible to have realistic damage to tanks?

Old_Bastard #16 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:03


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Maybe one day you could consider Tier VIII ranked battles. Give lower rated people a chance to earn rewardsThanks

QuackGoesThePiggy11 #17 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:14


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My questions are:


Is there anything small surprize to 1.0 or is everything already known about 1.0? (like a surprize prem tank or the 2 new russian tanks coming into the game)

Is 1.0 going to change the gameplay since people will try to look for spots that were not possible on the live server and are on the HD maps?

Is there anyway to change the vehicles in the forest/garage within the background to the ones you want to be displayed?

Is it possible that any of the old maps returning will have brand new spots or are they going to still look similar with minor changes within the map or are they just not planned to return atm or ever?

GWyatt #18 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:20


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What plans are there to attract and retain new players? With that, in general, how are the low tiers going to change to give the new player the best possible experience so they will continue playing the game, without overly handicapping experienced players that are platooning with new players or starting a new tech tree line?

​I thought about how this question applies to WOT 1.0 specifically and I believe it does. WOT 1.0 is visually stunning in ultra and I think that in itself will attract new players but the low tier game play, not so stunning. Every veteran player I've asked has told me to get out of the low tiers as fast as possible as it is horrendous, which is bad for the new player who is just starting to learn the controls, maps, and the mechanics of the game. The 1.0 visuals may bring in new players, but the new player experience will not keep them.

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black_colt #19 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:24


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Would you please explain the narrative for each line - e.g. the line starting with the KV-1S is to promote a play-style of slow, heavily armored, high pen, low accuracy vehicles?


Perhaps this could be a [hover-over] for the first vehicle in a line and the first vehicle each time there is a branch in the line.



This would allow new players to more easily understand the line when they are starting out/trying a new line so that they can make a more informed decision to play the line.


black_colt #20 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 01:28


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While the new Bootcamp is a great addition to the game - is it possible to have individuals go back through Bootcamp and get some credits/crew skills/etc for completing even if they have more than 10 battles?


Once you complete - you cannot do again for credits/crew skills/etc.




This is a great way to reinforce good game-play, explain game mechanics, etc. for individuals who have more than 10 battles but did not complete the new Bootcamp.


Credits/crew skills/etc would be a great intentive for going through the new Bootcamp for those individuals.


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