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_CoalDigger #61 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 11:25


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Will we see any weather features, team damage/killing features that are on PS4 on PC? 

flaviosquilla #62 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 12:02


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With the new engine, are night maps possible? What about weather effects?

ray_lovejoy #63 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 13:17


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What is the chance of making this an only 2 tier difference rather then 3 ?

How come xbox  get more maps and different tanks then us ?

Also more perks and crew stills ?



Rutzen #64 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 13:42


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The thing I like least about WoTs having to fight a battle in a vehicle two tiers below many of the others.


Why can't all the vehicles in a game be from the same tier?

RabidGopher_ #65 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 13:49


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i enjoy running my Tier V tanks more than any other, but i don't due to current matchmaker set up.  In Tier V 90% of time I am matched against Tier VII tanks and I cant even pen them unless I shoot gold.  When I do shoot gold, I have to hit them 5 or more times  (guessing cause I don't live long enuff to find out)  to kill a Tier VII  when they can normally 1 shot me.  Why not limit MM to +1/-1 to make it fair.  If teams have to be 10 or less, so what.  I would rather have a fair fight ending in draw than unfair fight.


Can we get night time battles? Tracer fire would be wicked in a night fight.  Having to locate by sound not sight would be fun, especially when you locate enemy by actually running into them. (who would be faster on the draw)

zed2204 #66 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 13:57


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Is overmatch completely dropped and is so will Swedish TD be tweaked to work as originally intended
Are there any plans to remove/adjust the maximum draw range

Sidwinder_61 #67 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 13:58


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Question: WOT has produced lvl 10 tanks that are well armored and mobile is there a plane to improve matchmaking so that lvl 8 tanks are matched against levels that are even with their abilities? 

Qualifier.... Lvl 8 Tanks not TD's have an impossible time trying to penetrate the armor of level 10 tanks. Maus, Type 5 ect. ect. Level 8 tanks become nothing more that targets to be harvested.

von_Sallust #68 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:01


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how is the accidental mis-fire corrected  and why does it happen - this results in occasional friendly fire and destroys the accuracy statistics - thank you

R1S100 #69 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:38


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What are the plans for Mac players and how 1.0 will be Mac compatible when the big update is released?

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Whulfe #70 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:52


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Do the devs actually play the game? There often seems to be a large disconnect between them and the player base. Many of their more questionable decisions are explained away by "data we collected" rather than how the game is played or feels.

PhantomDragoon #71 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:53

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When will WG write code that will keep Tier V and higher arty out of city maps, like Himmelsdorf?  Matches with 3 Tier X arty per side in Himmelsdorf leave 6 players with little contribution to the match as their Lines of Sight are very limited and usually rendered useless to team.
​The majority of WoT players have no concept of what arty brings to the game, and placing arty in city maps does not teach them anything different.  You have only handicapped teams and frustrated players.  Not good PR for game.

_Koschei_ #72 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:58

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how will HD maps effect players running SD client ?


Will it be compatible with the SDclient or will everyone be forced to update client to the HD client ?

Enroh #73 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:58


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when are you going to remove xvm, limit arty to 1 per team, reduce their stun range, reduce their accuracy, adn increase reload times so arty focus isnt a thing and this garbage mechanic doesnt continue?



harterfaster #74 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 14:59


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Given that the M6A2E1 was brought out of retirement for a one day sale last April 1st, can we have any expectation that other "old retirees" like the M4A2E4, Pz IIJ, A-32, Pz Kw V/VI, and Sexton I might also re-appear?  (I know they may not be competitive from a stats perspective, but it would seem that once the ice was broken with the Mutant that the other early, low tier tanks might also be considered for sale.)

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Frank1214 #75 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 15:15


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1. The new MM harmed not only limited MM prems but all regular tier 5 tanks. Now they play +2/-1. Any comments and plans about that?


2. The option to preview tanks (i mean all tanks) in the garage is great. Will you go further and add an option for a test drive on a test groung (including with diferent equipement)?


3. What s going on with the NA server tournaments? Will we see them agayn? When or why not?

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Anublister #76 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 15:51


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Match outcomes are highly dependent on player skill level leading to exceedingly unfair battles. Why isn't WG doing anything to address this? An unbalanced match is no fun for anyone except seal clubbers and stat padders. This game rewards players with credits and experience which they use to buy equipment like binocs and optics to increase view range, and stabilizers and gld's to improve gun performance. Veteran players know where enemy weak points are and where good cover is.


This is all well and good, but it creates a huge imbalance when one team has a preponderance of these skilled players. The simple solution after forming teams based on tier and tank type is to try to balance skill levels. I'm not saying balance a high skilled player with 3 low skilled players, I'm saying if you have 2 high skilled players not in a platoon, put them on opposite sides. It can't be that hard to do.


Wargaming's introduction of personal reserves is welcome and has vastly increased my ability to grind up the tank trees, yet this comes with a downside as there are a ton of low skilled players that occupy the top tiers now. I'm not necessarily against that, but with your lack of skill based balancing it skews the battles massively. 


This also ties into my next question, matchmaking.

Matchmaking now has a 3-5-7 tier balance. Tier 10 is massively advantaged in these matches and I would be fine with that if there was a skill balance as well. I'll be happy with just skilled players balanced regardless of tier, but as it stands now the game isn't very fun to play. That is the key to keeping this game going. Making it enjoyable. Recently some youtubers have made videos criticizing this. The number of battles experienced as low tier 8 in random battles appears to be around 25%. This severely affects the credit making potential and enjoyment of players who have invested in premium tanks. As the premium tank line seems to drive serious player participation in this game I see an alarming disincentive to play. Perhaps increase the percentage of tier 8 only matches, or reduce the number of tier 10 tanks in a 3-5-7 match to 2-6-7 I hope you address these concerns quickly as possible as doing nothing will the decrease the desire to continue playing.


I attach two videos to help show you the problem.



CatTeam89 #77 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 15:55


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My question is directed more to server issues, since merging east and west N/A and starting a LAT server Ive seen absolutely no value in that move since LAT server at most see's 2k players most the time yet I notice N/A is flooded with LAT players and we suffer horrible lag issues daily so cant we just go back to the east west set up and ditch the LAT server since its not being used anyway???

Bluegillattack #78 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 15:59


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Will there be any changes in how the terrain interacts with the tanks? Also, will there be any changes to the vehicles (HD models or changes in the tech trees)?





No_Quarter25 #79 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 16:16


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View Postpower_Donky, on Feb 26 2018 - 14:59, said:

Can we pls have all the old maps except Komarin back in the game in HD?


I really miss them


Really most of the maps are just a version of Ensk City on one side and a field of fire; Ruinberg, Hemidorf, Paris, The Polish map... Why did you get rid of the good maps? Pearl River, Sacred Valley, (don't know all the names), the one with the little island and all the room to move.

All the new maps are just a version of Ensk.

Jeads_Coin #80 Posted Feb 27 2018 - 16:27


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View PostSilver_ReBangBang_Wow, on Feb 26 2018 - 17:07, said:


Will Chieftan be added? There are a lot of stuff teasing us about it. Also when is the awful panther coming back? Will it be free for owners who had it to earn it through missions?


Will Nico finally be dead?

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