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Listen to your elders

vison mechanics sixth sense

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Kenshin2kx #21 Posted Mar 01 2018 - 18:50


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View Postthe_Deadly_Bulb, on Mar 01 2018 - 07:31, said:


Players such as those should be known as 'pnoobs'.

The 'P' is silent but stands for perma, as in prema-noob.

Defined as one who can not, or will not learn, regardless of the number of rounds they roll their faces on the KB. :D


Hahahaha ... when I first saw pnoobs ... I though 'air noobs' as in pnuematic ... i.e. air head noobs ... or air headed 'new' players that act like babies.

MacDaddyMatty #22 Posted Mar 01 2018 - 19:12


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OP - You can lead a horse to water.





and my fav!

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Cognitive_Dissonance #23 Posted Mar 01 2018 - 22:33


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Excellent additions!!!! Thanks MAC.

firekitty #24 Posted Mar 04 2018 - 21:00

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  I agree with much of what was said, and an excellent choice of vids to teach. I do want to mention the value of the "compare" feature in the garage. Different equipment, and crew skills, all change camo and vision. Many wonder how the same tank can spot them and remain unspotted? Usually it is a more experienced player/battles in the tank so better crew, and possibly their choices for equipment max view or camo. It takes time to xp up a crew, and this is where using personal reserves comes into play. Many features of this game, such as graphic settings for view, all are inter-related and connected. Finding the combination to suit your play style and skill level is important- every one is slightly different for " what works".

As an edit, to be clear, when I say graphic setting affect view, I did not mean for the tank/crew capabilities, but on higher end rigs, with the right settings, you can actually see trees fall etc in the distance beyond your detection. Yes, even low end do see this at times, but the high end gives so much more/better info to make that blind shot. Higher end rigs will also have/show a more defined edge on tanks and objects so making a shot at a hull down, or thru a window, etc.,are easier done

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