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Necrolegion's Replay Highlights - Patch 9.22

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Necrolegion #1 Posted Mar 05 2018 - 22:29


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I am not a super unicum (yet), but I do tend to swing on and off between blue and purple (recents). I've been somewhat cataloging all of my decent games since patch 9.17 to track my progress and analyze my skills. Some of my recordings, I feel, would make great educational videos on how to properly handle certain situations in World of Tanks. 


I'd love to someday do commentary on my videos to show my thought process behind each move, but I feel that actual unicums would shun me for not being all purple(too much toxicity with some unicums). If you have any feedback, let me know!


M46 KR | 4.7K DMG ACE (Late Game Carry + Replay) 2nd MOE Game


IS | 4K DMG ACE (Top Tier Carry)


Defender | 5K DMG + 1.2K Blocked (Testing Out New Defender Owners)


E-75 | 3.8K DMG + 2.4K DMG Blocked + 2.5K Spotting ACE (How to win Swamp)


T-44 | 5.9K DMG + 8 Kills ACE (EPIC CARRY)


Panther 8.8 | 4K DMG ACE (Enemies Kept Lining Up)


T-34-3 | 4.5K DMG ACE (1vs3 Carry)


T-54 | 6K DMG ACE (How did I survive that shot?)

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