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Stage 2: Tank Recoloring Guide using Photoshop CC2015

Reskin Tank reskin Tank recolor Recoloring guide JLdragon

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JLdragon #1 Posted Mar 13 2018 - 04:28

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Photoshop guide for recoloring WoT tanks Windows 10 OS.

World of Tanks SD Client


This is a TEXT ONLY guide! I will add screenshots soon as I can make, upload, and link as time permits.


Today I am going to try to help you all that are new and upcoming members who are interested or are already recoloring the default tanks of WoT. At times it can be straight and simple and then there are those times where ya just wanna scream or say screw this because you cant find that one spot on the image that you want to fix or change the color. Well I hope that this guide will help you with those dilemma's and also help those who are just starting to learn how to recolor.


It took me awhile to figure the whole how to extract, install, edit, save, reload in game to see my results. Never could find a FULL step by step guide on how to get a complete and happy repainted tank.

So I hope that a lot of this information will save many of you of the headaches on how to go about having your own fun with tank recoloring.


I know that there is ALOT of information to read, steps, please reads, to understand and learn this post. I would not have typed all of this out if it was not considered necessary, important or useful.

So if it says Please Read First, or of the like, then there is a good reason too. Don't be overwhelmed by it all. As you follow and learn these guides, it will start to come naturally and you'll be creating cool tank recolors with very little difficulty.


Be patient, pay attention to the details, and most of all know that you will have went from “no idea what I am doing?” to “I get it now! And damn my tank recolor looks COOL!” with this step by step guide.


If you are only interested in a super fast crash course, and you think have all needed plugins and or software, and you think you know what your doing, then follow this fast 5 step guide.


  1. Start Wot and graphic editing program of your choice
  2. Open AM.DDS File
  3. Recolor AM.DDS File
  4. Save as default name of the AM.DDS File
  5. Alt + Tab to WoT, select different tank then back to currently Edited tank to see the results.


If this not enough sufficient information, please keep reading and follow all steps below!


First things First..


If you do NOT know how to locate and extract your world of tank vehicle folders and files to start editing.. Click below to learn how!

Stage 1: Tank Recolor and Extraction Guide


I currently use Photoshop CC 2015. I have not yet to try using Paint.net or Gimp to do any amount of recoloring. Gimp and Paint.net are free and there are guides out there that may assist you with using them. Hopefully some of the below information will shed some insight and possibly crossover into your own graphic editing software.

I will try to remember to link any guides or additional information that I might have saved for various reasons that involve either of the above editing programs along with some extra goodies that you might find helpful and or useful if you are using Photoshop or even Paintshop. (some of the filter plugins can be used on both programs)


What you will need for this guide

(Assuming you have Photoshop preinstalled)



Before you continue reading this post and the following guide: This can NOT be stressed enough!

Please make sure to make a backup of your Res_Mod folder before editing / recoloring any of your tank files and or folders!



Please Read first before continuing!



As long as you have correctly followed the Stage 1 Tank Recolor and Extract Guide, onto to the next bit of information. (yeah, more to read)

For these guides, we will be using the Tier 6 American Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson (listed in the file location below)

Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\”current version” \vehicles\american\A31_M36_Slagger

You can follow along with this tank or open your own and continue the guide as a reference.


World of Tanks and Photoshop Setup Guide

READ and APPLY the Following First!



Again remember, This guide is based on a 64bit Windows 10, World of Tanks SD Client!


Now that we have gotten ALL of the above required necessary, suggestive, and additional information done, Lets get down to business!


STAGE 2 : Photshop Tank Editing Beginners Basic guide

Very simple single tone recolor.



Congrats! You have recolored the Hull (Main Body) of the Tank!


Feel free to play around with all the editing options in Photoshop to recolor your tank in various ways!


Just Remember the following about Photoshop



Next guide: (Coming Soon!)


Stage 3 Photoshop Tank Recoloring Guide:

Using Tank Exporter, Layers, and various Filter effects

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JLdragon #2 Posted Mar 30 2018 - 05:29

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so just wanted to update this post.. 

It's been awhile, been having some problems with OpenGL not rendering 3d models in any of my programs, and getting any kind of real help from Intel on getting it fixed anytime soon. So I haven't been able to get Tank exporter to work correctly anymore and still battling that issue, which might end with a full reset of windows and going thru the hell of updates, reinstalls, etc..


And now that 1.0 released not too long ago, Havent been able to use tank swapping in the hangar to check progress of any current reskins of any type. Have not checked with that just finished downloading and updating game.. I will let you all know on that part..

It could be a mod conflict that I had mentioned in this guide. Will test this as well and let you all know the end results..

Until I can get the above conflicts and 3d Opengl graphics issues resolved, Stage 3 Guide is temporarily stalled. Hope to have this all fixed by this weekend.. gonna be a long painful process.. 

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JLdragon #3 Posted Mar 30 2018 - 06:53

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Tank swapping Test complete..

with Hangman Mod.. - Tank swap option does not work to see any updated progress to tank recoloring.

Without any mods - same results.

So as of now on my end on my PC.. for future viewing of any tank recoloring while NOT in WoT will have to be done with a 3rd party application.

I will Update the above guide soon when I am able to find a compatible way to be able to view tank recoloring progress..

As I stated earlier, my OpenGL 3D rendering is botched until I can fix it.


So for those of you who are still using this guide and looking for a way to view any progress of your tanks while doing any kind of recoloring and or editing.. Best option I can advise of you to try is Coffee_'s Tank Export via GitHub. (IF your NOT having 3D rendering issues or OpenGL problems)

If you are NOT sure about any OpenGL issues and any compatibility possibilities..

Then I would suggest you download the OpenGL Test / viewer.. (google it)

Download, Install

Uncheck run in full screen (unless you don't mind a HUGE Cube spinning on your screen)

select run test.. pick 1.0, then select run all tests (this will test all OpenGL version compatible abilities on your PC)

then check the report. Then Go from there based on your current running graphics. (your on your own after that with any tech support from your vendor)

GL, HF!,

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