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[ST] Another New Map Prototype!

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GeorgePreddy #41 Posted Mar 20 2018 - 05:22


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View Postpukalo, on Mar 18 2018 - 16:22, said:

How can one become a supertester? 


Move to Russia, learn Russian, become a Russian citizen, apply.






xtc4 #42 Posted Mar 20 2018 - 14:45

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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Mar 15 2018 - 18:51, said:


While agree, it is too a point. I absolutely hate Fiery Salient. I am sick and tired of maps that have one dominate hill for everyone to rush to, that needs to stop because it ruins encounter completely.


Fiery Salient? That is one of the few maps where the entire map is playable, depending on how the battle develops (although I agree that encounter is slightly less wide open). More like Fiery Salient, please.

pukalo #43 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 02:57


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View PostGeorgePreddy, on Mar 19 2018 - 21:22, said:


Move to Russia, learn Russian, become a Russian citizen, apply.


Oh man this Whomps

ThePigSheFlies #44 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 00:21


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View PostCabbageMechanic, on Mar 15 2018 - 16:58, said:

Let us know what you think!


trying to phrase this in a way that won't be deemed offensive, so here's a shot.

  1. historically your "half and half" maps don't work for entertaining game play.  ruinberg, paris clones for example that provide minimal areas for paper tanks to go, just mean that those that aren't paper (and those that are, but are also timid, or inept) will go into the city/main areas.  this artificially reduces the map sizes.  
  2. calling this a "big map" at 1km x 1km with what is obviously large areas that are unplayable due to terrain, lack of cover, and/or water is disingenuous and again, a problem inherent in all of the company's map designs, and made even more apparent in the "half and half" efforts
  3. have you guys ever thought about fixing the camera wonkiness that happens when you drive under your modeled terrain - on the taller bridges it doesn't happen so much any more, but anyone that has driven a tank through one one of the culverts, or underneath the short bridge say on the west side of redshire knows what I'm talking about.  that looks to be a nightmare if something similar happens near the water.

Devilhunter50 #45 Posted Apr 20 2018 - 03:54


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More new map, let guess. like every map since you decide that heavy are the only thing that matter. no concealment for the TD, minimum cover for the Med's.  and minimum distance so everyone can see you. No wonder people are leaving this game in droves. Example Mine one of the oldest map in the game. Concealment all but gone what little  there is now is worthless. No point playing your TD's on this map. If not playing Heavy or Meds your just waiting to die. Oh scouting what the point map is smaller now so there no need to scout and depending on the side your on determined who taking the hill like that a place to battle anymore because no matter what cover or concealment you will be spotted and die. again thanks wargaming fu_ked up another map for us all.  So why not remove all the maps and start over. And keep in mind ALL the CLASS of TANKS PLAYING.

Arctander2 #46 Posted Apr 23 2018 - 20:26


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I'm not going to read all the replies, but I look at that and think - Oh geez no, please no. Please please please no. The one rock perch... fine. The entire area under rock cover??? As someone termed it "sea caves" - hell no.


Please update some of the old maps and tweak them as needed and don't give us absurdly unrealistic looking stuff. What's next? Raid Bowzers castle and rescue the Princess for extra health?

_Steel_Casket_ #47 Posted Nov 14 2018 - 22:07

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The promises of new maps. Lies, all lies!

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