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[ST] Kharkov Update and Top Tier Italian Tanks

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_Solo #41 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 06:10

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It's basically ruinberg at a different angle now

mrmojo #42 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 07:12


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It's basically crap.

cloudwalkr #43 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 20:54


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If WG could design maps as well as they can make them look in 1.0 then the game would be back to it's glory days of breaking records.  Instead WG are more concerned with making 3-5 min premium spam, corridor map, games that force players to fire premium, which drives up sales of gold/credit bundles and caters to the CoD crowd. 


WG don't want 15min matches.  They don't want blowouts to stop.  They don't want to create dynamic maps with many flanking capabilities. 


Again, 1.0 looks absolutely amazing and runs great on my laptop...but it doesn't excuse the fact that WG have basically [edited]ked up most every map now and have shown themselves to be clearly designing maps with a certain play style involved...and it's not strategic or dynamic.


Also, your survey was beyond ridiculous.


Edit:  As others stated, WHICH YOU MUST HAVE REALIZED WHILE MAKING IT, Karkov is now Ruinburg at a different angle.  They are almost exact replicas of each other now.  Like Fiery Salient and Prok.   NEW MAPS GUYS!!!!    What a joke.


Honestly, you guys should be looking at things like Pro Paintball maps because even they can design a better "battle field" at this point.

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