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BadCasual #1 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 17:38


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Hello fellow tanks and new tankers alike!

I would like to welcome you to my review of World of Tanks 1.0  It's sure to bring a chuckle or two, and some great insight from a mediocre player, trying to compete.  

My handle is BadCasual, when I picked the name, it was because it's what I was, as many players would quickly comment, a bad player who does not play the game much.


The team at Wargaming have done their job.

tldr;Game looks better, sounds better, and plays better than ever before.


I logged in to a game that I have been playing since January 31, 2014.

4 years later the game plays like new.  The subtle in game changes made over time, such at nerfing artillery and curbing cheating, up to the massive changes in look, feel, and sound.  

It's a whole new game that can now easily integrate people with 44,000 battles(a lot) with mid range(my 18,553), down to those just starting up.  With the advancements in platooning and match making, you now get a full range of match ups.  The easy win(once in about 20 battles), the really good fights(17 out of 20) and the VERY hard match ups, 2 in 20(seems like more, but it's just old players giving up after their 2 very hard match ups went poorly and they stopped trying in the even challenge battles.  This new system works to curb that "I lose every game" feeling and encourages you to try harder in those good fights.  The harder you try, the better you get, the higher your win rate gets, letting you feel accomplish for your efforts.  


There are so many more levels to the game now, everyone who has played World of Tanks in the past, and left with a bitter taste, come back and try the new system, balanced better than ever before for everyone, not just the long time players who feel entitles to win every match.  Everyone is now being challenged in a system that is fair and encourages team play like no other.


Join a clan, participate in Strong Holds, and other group enjoyable activities, enjoy small platoon of 3 players who can really make a difference in those great matches.  Enjoy the competitive tournaments that require a lot more game play, but offer badges to show off your dedication and excellent gameplay.  Or challenge yourself and your friends to compete in Clan Wars!  With exclusive prizes like FREE high tier competitive tanks to show off how really good you and your buddies are.  This game has events  on weekends that help your catch up in experience points with those that dedicate more time.  World of Tanks also has fantastic Holiday Events that for time, or money, you can get valuable Exp boosts to your Crew, Tank, Free Exp, and even help you earn credits faster!  They share their culture and the cultures of others in splendid show cases!  

Now is the time to join up, or come back.  These dedicated gamers make their own game.  They are not just out for money.  They deliver a fantastic game experience for most everyone(there are always a few bad apples in Multiplayer games).  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  You have to highlight their reply, my failure in posting.  Thanks:)




This was my original post, I posted in newcomer thread.  I also send a ticket in to the dev team saying much of the same. This was their amazing reply; 


Greetings BadCasual,

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support Team.

We are glad to know that you find the new update appealing and loveable in terms of gameplay, matchmaking and user interface. We also commend your enthusiasm for bringing us this wonderful feedback. We can guarantee that we will do more in the future to provide a better World of Tanks to all our players.

We appreciate players like you who want to share your ideas and suggestions with us. Having a community of passionate players is something that we highly value.

We have compiled the feedback you have given us and submitted it to the Development Team for further consideration.

While not required, you may also want to share your ideas with the forum community.

The suggestions forums are where our developers gather the most player feedback. You can even find official "Feedback Request" threads, where you can really make your voice heard:

To get access to the Suggestions Forum, you must have at least 50 posts in the regular forums. We apologize if this causes any trouble, but we want players to be familiar with our forum culture before they expose their ideas to feedback and potential criticism from the community.

In the meantime, you can keep your eyes peeled for any new developments:

Thank you again for bringing this to us and we hope you will continue to love World of Tanks
Happy Tanking!

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