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[1.0] Patch Feedback

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HeroHans #121 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 13:54


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View Post9435, on Mar 25 2018 - 01:32, said:


Typical WG, add something no one was asking for.


And most players won't be able to apply the maximum resolution and enjoy it as everyone should. In my opinion a lot of wasted efforts considering those that will be able to set highest reso. And then does it matter to see every grass straw while in a fight? In my humble opinion it is the feeling to have an equal battle rather than those 15-little results.

xtc4 #122 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 16:37

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View PostRed_Ensign, on Mar 22 2018 - 20:09, said:

this patch turned me into a newt!


it got better

legendcampos #123 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 16:38

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I have drop fps on city maps like Ensk, mines, Fisherman's... The worst is the Ensk drops a much of fps.. Already maps open like Karelia, Murovanka and others... ok. 


Settings Ultra
Fps map open = 60 ~ 70 
Fps city or map small = 35 ~ 55


My setup
Phenom 1090T @ 3.7 GHz
GTX 1050ti
Driver 391.01
Win 7 x64

Plunder_Run #124 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 19:13


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Lipstick on a pig

Kestril_von_Fury #125 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 20:00


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Very pretty but does not enhance game play at all.  Maps redo suck.  Almost no cover anymore.  If you play a heavy and there are 3 arty you are suck driving around the map edges hoping no one will spot you.  Not easy to tell where the map borders are, realistic look does not mean a better play .  Big wide open spaces that you can never battle in due to lack of cover.  Much of the new background is visually detracting and makes it hard to see a tank sitting in the shadows. Put in the ability in settings to turn of some the world past the map's border.  You guys spent a lot of time on something that does nothing for the game play.  This will get old very fast for any of the new users you hope to get.  Do something about the OP Jap heavy tanks.  Arty is now to powerful on these flat maps, give them something else to do like lay down smoke barrages to give their teammates cover. Restrict the use of gold ammo to tier 4 and higher games.  Never put tier 3 or 4 in games higher than one above their tier.  Things like that will help new players.

GiN_nTonic #126 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 22:11


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Installed the game again to try, loved the visuals - looks great.  After 2 games uninstalled after being bottom-tiered both games reminding me why i uninstalled the first time.  I honestly dont mind playing a game here and there bottom tier, but all too often you look back on a night realizing most your games by far was played bottom tier.  To me, that just isn't fun.


Flask_Half_Empty #127 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 22:36


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The game looks very, very beautiful now. Well done.


Unfortunately the fact that 20% of all vehicles are unbalanced, gold spam is off the charts, and arty is still in the game means it's a small high point in a long line of lows.

GHR1227 #128 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 23:43

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Put chocolate on a turd and call it candy.  IT'S STILL A TURD underneath.   Sorry to say that. I like the HD in principal but for what?  What was all that effort for?

As others have said it doesn't do a thing for the game.   You still have shells that hit terrain features go "kaboom" and that terrain feature is untouched.

Same with buildings.  Arty 203mm (*EIGHT INCHES to those in non Metric locales*) shell hits building there is a gigantic explosion and when the pretty smoke clears

the building is untouched.  You nerfed the crap out of arty HE then you still have tanks like the FV215b183 (Deathstar) that are still in the game as special tanks who's HE can pen >300mm of armor and do 1750 damage which generally results in one shot kills by skilled players.

ISN'T THIS WHY YOU REMOVED ARTY ONE SHOTS?!   HE was overpowered? Seriously.  


Then the view range and spotting mechanics. Still BROKEN and high imbalanced.  No tank has a "camo rating". 

That is a wholly arbitrary phantom stat created by wargaming.     A tank has a base "camo rating" which goes up with "crew skill" so if their "camo rating" is less than your tank's spotting ability you cannot even see the tracers muzzle flash or hear them fire.


In WoT a tank with said phantom stat can wink out and disappear IN THE OPEN.   They can fire over and over behind a mere bush without a single

tracer being seen nor muzzle flash nor the sound of their shots being fired. 


They seem to have added tracers but that still is only for some tanks it seems.


I was just on the new Glacier being sniped by a T67 on the ridge line.  The trees are off the map so this T67 with it's OP "camo rating"

was never lit by anything including a T37 light tanks who was killed.


Wargaming has made World of Tanks Bi-Polar it wants to be "realistic" for it's pretty landscape, supposedly shell pen mechanics are following some

real pen calculations, but nothing else in the entire game is realistic.   Nothing.

HeroHans #129 Posted Mar 26 2018 - 01:17


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It happens if you get hit thre is no sound or feel of the shock, yesterday i got hit by E100 for 700 plus and only discover by looking at hitpoints because my driver was knocked out. Normally you hear and feel a shock when hit.

From all the reactions of the players that even bother to come here and write (like myself) it is quite clear that many would like to see some other improvements. As i mentioned earlier lots of players like to do good or improve, progress, every player at their own skill level. Also too often it happens to be playing a heavy tank in the lowest tier and getting ripped by a higher tier light or medium tank. I play for fun after work but like mentioned in prvious post after an evening it feels not satisfactory, more frustrated. I can imagine lots of players get discouraged, do not bother to write it in the community forum because then others tell you to stop nagging, and quit playing this game.

You can say that only a few of us complain but take into consideration that only a few represent that large group who likely feel all the same but do not take the time to write it here. Please take all these feedback more serious and put it in your agenda. Many thanks in advance for doing that.

xtc4 #130 Posted Mar 26 2018 - 14:18

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I played SD on low settings before and still play SD on low settings. In general, the graphics are a substantial improvement. I noticed one issue with the new SD graphics: not much of anything happens when a shot hits an enemy tank. There is no visual cue as to whether the shot hit, and if it hit, whether it penetrated. This is disorienting and needs improvement.

__Girl_With_Synergy__ #131 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 02:14


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It seems that TD's in the distance are a cause for there being no indication of being hit, I have had this happen several times and the only way you know is if something is knocked out or you look at your HP.

I know it has been said but spotting mechanics are still very broken and this makes light tanks even more useless when a TD can sit in the open and spot at shoot you without being spotted. I had an strv do this to me yesterday while playing the sheridan with a 509 view range, lucky a heavy drove right at him and that spotted him but clearly a light tank was not up to the job. Just my last battle I had a JP E100 shoot my LT-100 from 60 meters without being spotted until I died and I was above him on mountain pass as he drove toward the south cap. I will say I did see his tracer coming but the tank never showed up until after the fact.


Frankly this update is a huge letdown, all flash no substance. We got one new map but I know others like me have been screaming for new maps for years now but it seems like WG goes out of their way to give us everything except for what we ask for. Last thing I looked forward to was the tier 10 light tanks and they let us down there and broke them and there dosnt seem to be a plan to fix them. Heck when a batchat can out spot or spot just as good as a light tank why bring one into advances or clan wars. The camo except the LT-100 is bad. 140 and BC have better camo then my sheridan. No pen and you cant hit the broad side of a barn. There is no balance, if they are going to have bad pen you should be able to hit targets on the move like you can with the 140.


Sorry WG I am still not spending, I wanted to buy several tanks like the defender and the T92 but I wont buy anything until I see some gameplay improvements.

papagallium #132 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 04:45


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i love it!  its like a totally new game, arty play is better, its easier to get to higher elevations with slower tanks, there are so many more angles and avenues of attack and defense now.    way to go WG, well done

Sisterhood_of_Steel #133 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 21:54


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Just an FYI, I wanted to see how what the EU player forums and RU player forums felt, its pretty much across the board that there are many not happy about the map flatness and performace. Will be interesting to see what they do to fix it, if any.

MAD_noob #134 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 22:47


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i think the changes are great it would attract alot more players only downside except for the little bugs (im sure you got that feedback)  the 1.0 event is going to cost you some new players if the keep getting stomped by the amount of experienced players playing low tiers for easy tokens.  maybe should average the tier of play of some of the players and see where they are.   I was trying to help some new players and got hit by nothing but gold rounds 2 games in a row by members of a top 50 clan, hmmmm just saying 


chow_der #135 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 02:01


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i have massive lag/ping issues now after the update.yes my pc is up to date.no its not my internet connection,no its not my pc.makes me not want to play this game again.used to like it not so much anymore.

Jungol #136 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 02:14


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First ...the detail, even in 1080 ultra SD, is astounding if a little GPU intensive. I've found that turning down the motion blur helps a bit with fps. But I love that now when you crash into stuff, often it lingers on your tank with physics detail, like wall fragments staying on top of your tank while you move forward until momentum finally lets it fall off and crumble; the clanging of metal gates when u bust them down : once I had a log remain hung in my M4 tracks for about 30 seconds.. Kudos for that.


But there is a lot of seemingly unneccesary things that might bee causing some problems.. such the WG store advertising garage, causing annoying pauses anytime you transition to and from it, and delaying entering the actual battle from the loading screen..sometimes 30 seconds or more after the fight starts ( I've found using the "Hangman's Garage" mod from Aslains Modpack gets rid of that problem.) 


But gotta say, not too happy with some of the modifications made to the maps..like the flattening making more of the field accessible to Rear turreted monsters and 'ahem', tanks with little gun depression and campers.  And some of the additions just are a little too much. Reminds me of IL-2 FB days when guys would modify maps for their servers and add stuff like arenas and roman columns (for a flight sim), and wonder why people would complain about so much lag. Hah.


One thing I noticed that i particularly didn't like was that one of my fav tanks , the KV-1S, has had it's acceleration meddled with. I noticed because it was the first tank I played with the patch. I'm having a hard time understand why WG keeps meddling with Tier 5 tanks (Chaffee, AT2,....well O=I Exp i kinda understand)under the guise of not discouraging newbies, but still lets experienced guys with Friggin E-25's dominate Tier 5 matches. If the company is so concerned with not scaring away tier 5 guys, then limit E25's to tier 6, since they don't play in Tier 9 games anyway. And maybe stop giving away stuff like 75mm cannon premium T29's so they won't flood tier 3 with 2 shot stoppers.


In other words ...still some of the same BS...

stglnstudent #137 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 03:38

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Hopefully somebody comes up with a mod to blacken the areas outside the borders.  I dont care what color the walls are of the room i am fighting in.  I care about my ability to fight in that room.  


This garbage of one way in is the only way out is getting pretty old pretty damn fast.  Good luck trying to drop off the side of hills.  An example of this is the center on mines.... once you are up there ya better be in beast mode. Another example is on Abbey whey you used to have 3 spots to get in the row of buildings near the river it has been reduced to a single one.  Not able to run the resets of cap there without already being in that position.  The supposed "dynamic game play" is not dynamic when you know EXACTLY where the enemy will pop up.  Go look at the heat maps on sites like VBaddict.com where it shows that the paths are the same over and over and over and over.... etc again.  What does it take for WG to actually pay attention to the people who play????  Is it that NA server does not matter?


Speaking of Abbey, that was a fantastic job of jacking up the water area in the center... stupendous job (sarcasm of course).


This does nothing more than take away tactical playing and put us back on the level of donkey kong or galaga.  Stop the leveling of the players by destroying the ability for better players to excel.  When i see players from G and Otter doing their thing it makes me want to get better.  Instead, you take away what USED TO make the game good.




  1. Dragon Ridge
  2. Fiery Salient
  3. Hidden Village
  4. Highway
  5. Kharkov
  6. Klondike
  7. Komarin
  8. Mittengard
  9. Northwest
  10. Pearl River
  11. Pilsen
  12. Port
  13. Province
  14. Ruinberg on Fire
  15. Sacred Valley
  16. Severogorsk
  17. South Coast
  18. Stalingrad
  19. Swamp
  20. Widepark
  21. Windstorm
  22. Winter Himmelsdorf
  23. Winterberg

RETURN the maps to former the pre 1.0 state

     Get rid of the stupid rocks around every hill

     Allow tanks to go over hills

     Put the hills back in 

Fix the HORRENDOUS rotation... 200 games and 2 times on glacier

POWER CREEP needs addressed by an across the board rebalancing

LOADING TIMES SUCK.... starting matches 20 seconds into game (VANILLA CLIENT with 2 1080 cards)




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Matthew_66 #138 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 03:52


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View Postxtc4, on Mar 26 2018 - 08:18, said:

I played SD on low settings before and still play SD on low settings. In general, the graphics are a substantial improvement. I noticed one issue with the new SD graphics: not much of anything happens when a shot hits an enemy tank. There is no visual cue as to whether the shot hit, and if it hit, whether it penetrated. This is disorienting and needs improvement.


I get this along with most of the other complaints , the only think i can play with some reliability is Artie!

vvav #139 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 06:28


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Hey WG, please give us more maps. I liked all of the maps you took out better than Mines, but you keep shrinking the map pool so that I'm forced to play on Mines more every patch. No one likes Mines in random battles, so stop forcing it on us just because it's supposed to be one of the "e-sports" maps. I don't care if it's a good map for coordinated play. For all the rest of us it's just a map where you get screwed by matchmaking every time and either get the south side of Mines and lose the hill automatically or get screwed by MM and have no fast tanks to take the hill. Too many games are decided by random things out of our control on this map in random battles. Get this awful map out of the random battles rotation, and put Sacred Valley back in for the love of all that is holy.

the_Deadly_Bulb #140 Posted Mar 28 2018 - 06:34


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View PostMaster_Colossus, on Mar 22 2018 - 09:32, said:

For me, it is not true that the minimum requirements in 1.0 are the same as in 9.22.


My laptop is an HP Probook 4530s with integrated GPU (Intel HD 3000) and had been playing the previous versions configured with minimal details, and still enjoyed it at 12-20 fps. Shooting effects, explosions, traces of ammunition, breaking objects, smoke, etc. were visible. Now with 1.0 on the same level of adjustment those are not visible. It looks like an 8bit game. Super Pixelated, no visible effects, no explosions are seen, no bullet impacts, no traces, no objects breaking, no smoke... Nothing at all. The truth, very displeased with the result.


Try playing on a russet, its a better potato than you're currently using.

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