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1.0 First Impressions: some good points, some bad points.

New patch version 1.0 Esthetics and game play....

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Harmless55 #1 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 23:34


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Okay, Version 1.0 dropped today. They got it out just in time to break every saved video that I’ve saved to improve my performance. 

Whatever. Minor annoyance, you get used to that. It’s the same for all patches so expecting it to be anything different is a waste of time. 

First impressions:

Impression one: Esthetics. Too. Much. Red. Really, honestly and truly, too much red. You see it in the garage, you see it in the trundra map before you run into the invisible wall in the southwest. Do you need that chanted by angry multitiudes? Here:


“Too much red! Too much red!....”

What makes it too much red? The last three years of having played a game that failed to provide me with a realistic environment at playable framerates. Instead of that, you’ve given me these lovely bland compromises that play well enough to keep things interesting. Now, the compromise is over and I find myself seeing red from my garage with that sunset view to mines. 

What makes it a bad esthetic choice? I play a PC-MMO on a Mac Wrapper and the current esthetic makes the game look like a cheap console game with higher than usual resolution.

Too much red!

Impression number two: 

Mines looks different but feels (is?) larger. The play feels as it it has more possibilities for things involving travel and vision mechanics use. I was on the winning side  of a game on mines in a TD and it felt so right. 

Impression number three: Why? Why? Why? Did you ditch Stalingrad and keep Abby. 


Stalingrad is the ultimate urban combat map. Abby is a congested blivet with the most boring meta ever divised by mankind. Reverse your decision. Bring back a big, big, big version of Stalingrad and put Abby In a drawer in a filing cabinet and then *lose* the filing cabinet. `


Impression number four: Tanks, premium tanks, fun and balance. 

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant claims that their product is a game where players ride around on maps in tanks, shooting one another, destroying one another’s tanks to gain advantages in play.

Now, the defendant sells ‘premium tanks’—some of which create not only advantage but that convey such strong advantage that the main activity of the game, ‘shooting, and destroying tanks, is practically impossible with respect to them. This means that either these so-called premium tanks or all the tanks they face are defective products.”

You can’t have a defender and a M4 rev in the same game. It just doesn’t make sense. 

Oh, and speaking of not making Ende: please buff the SU-152. I own and SU-122-44 and I want to actually use the 22-44 and nothing abut owning it is convincing me that the 152 has enough redeeming features justify the scores of games I would have to play to not suck in it. 

Thanks. More later. 

Kamahl1234 #2 Posted Mar 21 2018 - 23:49


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You can colour adjust via the filters and make it less red, you know. 

Viper69 #3 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 00:15


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View PostKamahl1234, on Mar 21 2018 - 17:49, said:

You can colour adjust via the filters and make it less red, you know. 


shhhhh!!! No such wizardry allowed!

Augustus_Sohn #4 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 00:28

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All the maps that are in 1.0 do not represent the totality of what will be. Remember when they started the HD tank roll-out? They still have some more maps in store to be made HD, and they will be re-worked, as a number of youtubers and CCs have said. So there is a bright side as far as maps.

Yson_RuDead #5 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 00:53


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I dont know if I like this game now.. View range seems to be nurfed this [edited], spotting is crazy hard now, seems like every tree and bush's w/e the size of your tank makes you invisible... I dont like that, w/e man I feel like they screwed with too many of the basics if this game to keep it attractive to some players.. too many changes.. and MM still freekin sucks..  

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