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getting tracked and constantly hitting tracks


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wolf_1903 #1 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 19:47


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just a general question, but is there somebody else that's constantly being tracked  and/or firing shots and hitting the tracks. since yesterday it seems to be that I am getting tracked 4-5 times a game, and constantly hitting opposing players tracks when aiming for lower plate shots?


no mods used. 

dominator_98 #2 Posted Mar 22 2018 - 20:01


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Yep. Aiming for tracks is a good tactic as it makes it easier for people to damage an immobile opponent. Also have had plenty of shots eaten by tracks. It’s annoying, especially when your big TD hits a light tank for 0 damage, but it’s part of the game. Haven’t noticed this any more than usual lately.

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