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lS6, 112, 111 in Stronks.

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Dirizon #1 Posted Mar 23 2018 - 03:57


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l have a confession to make. l fire  HE  in strongholds. My 111 and lS6, carry as much as 15 HE rounds. Does it make them bad? Sure does. Does it make me bad? Maybe not. l think of it like this, AMX M49 is virtually immune to APCR/HEAT frontally from these 3 T8s packing T6  12.2cm clubs as guns. The cupola is an easy pen, if you can hit it with .46 acc and 3.4 aim-time, stellar. And if you DlD HlT lT, AP would have done the job anyway. Chrysler and Defender, aren't immune, a lower hull square shot is pretty much fifty/fifty. But again, incredibly dicey with the nifty .46 acc and 3.4 aim-time. 1 AP/HEAT/APCR does the damage of 4 HE s in T8 strongholds, my experience, a possible huge waste of time, but then again you can aim at anything, especially <55mm auto bounce zones and do alright damage while radically reducing your exposure time. And all of these have excellent side armour. Bonus, if you come across the meta-driven M41GFs, 132s, Skorp Gs, Chariots, Rhms, Lorraine. Flanks of other common things, like AMX fifty-hundred, Patriot, Caern, FV42O2  - you can also mess up.


But l get called out alot,  usually after a game if it was close everyone calms down and sees there is a method to the madness. 1K damage is pretty avg to pull off, and if in stronks you are doing 1K damage you are helping out. ln an lS6. l just want these doubles. ln an lS5 or 252Y or one-ten  l don't fire HE common. Maybe at 12 HP tanks. 


But these guys. So we lose 3 straight games, 1 against some scrub clan which for the life of me their highest player was like 5.9 K, and scapegoat. Complete scapegoat, blind to everything else.  The HE  firing lS6 and 111. Why they are losing, must be that lego  lS6 firing HE. Like does anyone take these people seriously anymore? Lets drive out in a Defender, and do 1-shot of damage. or Lorraine or fifty-hundred. And blame the HE firing nubsack. Have they done anything since '16? And the insta-disbands. Jesus. People can say all they like about the arguments and slinging between Type and Youjo, l still visit their strongholds and have a tonne more fun. Definitely nowhere near as over rated and silly. Not into the whole lose 3 straight stronks and blame 1 guy. Maybe 1.- update has thrown them all off-guard. They don't have a distinct red-line to huddle around or something, at the corners of the map. lnstead, you get a blurry upright shield projection, that discolours your screen if you approach it. Maybe it was made like that, just for them.


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