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Random crashes after loading screen entering battle or after exiting battle.

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JustDreiMan #1 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 03:37


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Random crashes after loading screen entering battle or after exiting battle. This has been happening since 1.0 only, I only use xvm no other mods. 980ti i7 6700. My 4 other friends on discord that play aswell also have random crashes, 2 of them used to have them alot less frequently than since 1.0

Griffon327327 #2 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 21:58

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its all in the video settings .. you are being greedy and wanting to much from your non 4k graphic card


either dial back graphics specially anti ailising this eats up gpu resources AA also learn how to overclock your video card


I am using a HD785o 256 bit 2 gig DDR5 card with I5 watercooled to 5.07 ghz with 8 gigs of system ram its an old set up but raised my video card core clock from 900 to 1050 and my ram to 1400 and now I can play 1.0 at 45 fps or more on some maps stable with everything maxed out on ultra setting at 1920X1080    sure its not 4K but I dont have a 4k video card or monitor so I happy to not needing $8500 new gaming rig to play wot

Skorpian #3 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 23:53


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I am getting the same crashes. However it can't be the PC cause I have a I9 with 64GB ram and 2 x GTX1080Ti's. I have tried uninstalling MODs and running settings checker still crashes randomly in game. Anyone from WG have any idea? 

Binaree #4 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 00:27


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Same issue here and it can't be my rig


i9 7960x

Dual GTX-1080Ti video cards in SLI mode

64GB ram


The game plays just fine for a short time but it will suddenly just start crashing to desktop at match load.

I log back in and the match plays fine and the game has not crashed in the match or in the garage for me so far.

I can't really play the game right now as i crash and have to keep logging in when i try to start a match.


The pain is it doesn't happen every single match, i will play several go to play another and crash. Once it starts though the frequency of crashes increases the more i log back in to play.


I love the look of the new maps but i'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about the current update.

wrag #5 Posted Mar 27 2018 - 22:23


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Same issue on the load to battle crash... over and over... works fine for maybe 4 battles and other times crashs first battle after log in...


tried sound drivers and checked sound issue... nope... tried reduced graphics settings nope... tried the loading screen settings check install... nope...  tried checking all drivers... nope...


about the only thing that works for sure is NOT logging in... ?


starting to think it has to be something with WG?

LoneWaite #6 Posted Jun 03 2018 - 17:25


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I have this this issue also that seems to be getting worse since the Frontline event started. Up to date Rig, No mods, clean install, drivers all up to date, nothing seems to work. Saw where folks with SSD drives appear to have this problem more than most, but not sure that's it.  At the point of thinking of giving up the game.

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