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Wargaming customer support (or lack thereof)

fail customer ability to read

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_Kradok_ #21 Posted Jun 10 2018 - 04:22


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View PostOlTanker, on Jun 09 2018 - 09:38, said:


Oh I got your point. You are immature and selfish to the extreme. All that matters is YOUR entertainment. Helping the team is secondary.


" I'll allow myself to PURPOSEFULLY kill you on occasion if it makes MY entertainment better. "


NOW... you get it.:izmena:

Goat_Rager #22 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 22:33


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Player Support is a complete joke consisting of dimwitted individuals who can only hit a few keys and call it work completed.

With almost 70k battles, I have sent numerous tickets. The joke is, I usually have to send it 3-4 times to get one of the morons to actually read what I sent.

Primarily, in my recent chat ban, I had a guy ram me, then shoot me, then push me out into the open. Ironically I lived.


My point here is, I called him a "fkn idiot" and that "I'm sending the replay and reporting you idiot".

What happens? I get a FKN ban. I ask my clan mates to look for him. Yup, he's still playing

The response from "Player Support" is "we are sorry for the frustration in this matter and will take appropriate steps. Basically meaning they will do nothing but, will screw me over and give me a ban.


Player Support is one of the main reasons people are leaving the NA server. Whatever these clowns are getting paid, it's too much.

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