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a few newbie questions

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Adine #1 Posted Sep 03 2011 - 09:11


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People havent been very receptive in game so i thought id try here  

1 ) At what rate do elite tanks acquire free XP ?

2 ) What  do the marks above the tanks mean ?( i.e  a diamond with 3 hash marks  a Square etc )

3 ) on the FAQ posted in Feb it said you can leave a battle your tank has been destroyed in and enter a new and get XP for both.  Is this still doable and if so how many battles does this apply to ?   ( this seems like it may have been taken out do to abuse )

Lougle #2 Posted Sep 03 2011 - 09:23

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1) I believe its 5% of EXP earned.  Not including bonus EXP.

2)  The marks are designating tank type.  square is arty.  diamond is light.  diamond cut in half is medium.  diamond cut twice is Heavy.  triangle is tank destroyer.

3)  Can't really abuse it.  Yes, as soon as your tank is dead you can leave battle and jump on another tank.  There is no limit, the tank is locked though until the battle ends.  The only reason I stay is if I want to see the score screen at the end.  Or maybe just want to cycle through the other tanks and watch a battle.

Mobius13 #3 Posted Sep 03 2011 - 09:26


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1.  Elite tanks, to my knowledge, gain XP at the same rate that they did before they were elite.  The only thing that changes is that you cannot spend the experience on anything; you can only convert it to free experience with gold.
2.  A diamond means a light tank, a diamond with one line through it is a medium tank, and a diamond with two marks through it is a heavy tank.  An upside-down triangle denotes a tank destroyer, while a square shows an SPG (which, naturally, you'd want to aim at if it were in red  :Smile-izmena: )
3.  If your tank's been destroyed in battle, and the battle hasn't ended, you're more than welcome to exit the battle and hop into another tank.  This can save you lots of time, particularly if you're in one of those tanks that has armor made of tin foil and you tend to die 5 seconds into a battle.

Hope that helps!  :Smile_honoring:

Mowie #4 Posted Sep 03 2011 - 09:40


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Taken from the wiki http://wiki.worldoft...Free_Experience


Free Experience

You gain 5% of your vehicle's experience as free experience. This is a bonus and is not subtracted from the vehicle's experience. Free experience can be used in the research of any vehicle.

Also all tanks earn free XP at the same rate, elite or not.

Adine #5 Posted Sep 03 2011 - 10:24


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thank you all . I now see where i was erring at least in one area. i was assuming the diamond with the dash was a light
(silly me thinking cavalry symbol)  and a full diamond was the the Medium.

WoT kinda has the feel of the old Hex based Strategy games to me but with full teams of people .

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