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Grand Battle Royale

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Cmdr_Adama_BSG75 #1 Posted Apr 03 2018 - 02:52

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So what do you think of this mode? Every man for himself is what it really is. I kinda like it even though I have yet to make it half way thru a game. Its pretty confusing. The map is awesome. View range is horrible, you cant see a tank 100 feet away it seems. I have yet to be able how to figure out just exactly how you swap a tank out. 

IMHO, I think a "how-to" video from WoTs is in order. There's too much stuff going on to figure out just by playing it. You get blowed up way too soon just trying to learn what to do besides shooting another player.

Kamahl1234 #2 Posted Apr 03 2018 - 03:08


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Honestly player how-to's are probably best as WG could, and should focus on improving this mode where they can, not so much having to keep an updated guide for a sandbox test. 


And what do you mean by swapping a tank out? You just find a drop and sit on it. 

KaiserWilhelmShatner #3 Posted Apr 03 2018 - 05:52


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Isnt every mode in the game every many for himself?

Manpuppy #4 Posted Apr 03 2018 - 22:37


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The mode was really fun, didn't really need a how to.  Played the mode, learned the mode. Not that confusing.

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