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Release of Polish and Italian tech trees

Polish Italian

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Dain_Ironfoot_ #1 Posted Apr 07 2018 - 23:53


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If anyone else was wondering... and perhaps for the sake of discussion:




Quoted from The Daily Bounce:


  • Polish tech tree was first considered to be introduced in the European tech tree. But the idea was scrapped shortly after and Wargaming decided to release a Polish tech tree.
  • The biggest problem for the Polish tech tree was the high Tier vehicles: VIII, IX and X.
  • Wargaming had to look hard to find material for the Polish tech tree from archives and museums.
  • The Italian tech tree is going to be released first because it was easier for Wargaming to find information for its vehicles. It took considerably more time for Wargaming to gather all the data for the Polish vehicles.
  • The Polish tech tree will have a combination of historical and paper vehicles. The beginning of the tree is going to be historical, but the end vehicles will be made from paper projects.
  • It will be a combined tree with light tanks at the start, medium tanks in the middle and ends with heavy tanks.
  • Wargaming thought in introducing Soviet vehicles in the Polish tech tree, but in the end, decided not to do it because there are already enough Soviet clones in the game.
  • The Polish vehicles will enter Supertest stage very soon.

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Wouldyoulookatthetime #2 Posted Apr 08 2018 - 00:55


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italians are coming next patch FYI as well as most likely the next stage of improved cutomization

Mojo_Riesing #3 Posted Apr 08 2018 - 00:58

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Altwar #4 Posted Apr 08 2018 - 01:12


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I think that if there's not really enough material for higher tier tanks, then just don't have higher tier tanks for that branch.   So what if the tree goes only to a tier 6, as an example.  How long did we go with no tier 9 & 10 lights?  And before that, how long was it when SPGs just went up to tier 8?  I forget if the same was for the mediums but I digress.


Do as the recent Russian branches and just release what there is and have place holders for future updates, like the Obj 430 II and the T-10 leading up to "Coming Soon".  Whether the updates come anytime soon or months or even years later, then so be it.  But I think this way, if tier limited trees are introduced, there's added interest in the different nation trees and could lure more players into the community.

That1CrazyFarmer #5 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 01:38


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I think te hardest tech tree to make would be Canadian tech tree 


sleeper_agent #6 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 13:21


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cant wait for the new lines! Should be a great new mix to the game

Blackstone #7 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 13:32


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Poland: can't see a full tech tree. Historically, Poland's armor after WWII were primarily Soviet designs.

A British Commonwealth tech tree? It's could be done. There might be enough variants of UK vehicles to create it's own tech tree. I know the game has a couple (Ram II and AC1 Sentinel), but there may be more. Maybe something like the Czech or Swedish line in layout?

I am looking forward to the Italian line. Should be fun hearing my crews yell in Italian "target destroyed!" 

"bersaglio distrutto!"

RC_1140 #8 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 14:08


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If that means the t10 t55 idea that was “leaked” got scrapped then I’m sad. 

Dain_Ironfoot_ #9 Posted Apr 10 2018 - 14:19


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Common test for 1.0.1 scheduled to start on the 12th, I think... so it looks like the Italian tech tree will be released with that update in late April or early May.



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