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Bad Players flooding WOT - Battletech?

bad player battletech

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Sumpoor_Schmuck #21 Posted Jun 04 2019 - 20:00


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I play the game with my 2 sons, they are now 10 and 11.  We been playing together now for 6 years, and they are getting better, my oldest actually has a few Radley Watters.  
the other day a guy sent my 10 year old a flaming email cussing him out, telling him to unistall, swearing the whole time.  Complaining about my son blah blah blah.  I responded back nicely, he cussed more the apologized.   Whats funny is my son has better stats and a higher personal rating than this guy.  We dont have any mods so I cant see his wn8 or ours only by using online pages like noob meter.  just funny though how this guy just blasts away, told him people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  Moral of the story is, the game is frustrating.  I had no clue of how to play when I first started.  I must have played 3-400 games before I got a kill.  I knew nothing about the mechanics.  I got better and once a year get accused of cheating, lol.  this happened about 4 years ago, I talked to the guy we played together and he saw that there was no way i  was.   How many times, like yesturday where we get in a map, in my marder 38t with a 5 perc crew and take almost every shot with draw circle down to the lowest and I shoot 40 shots and hit 10 and pen 6, then the next map I snap shoot at long range and hit.   how the heck did  do that I have no clue.  every maps different and the rng changes.  I have played with accusers and people who I swear cheat, just to show them I dont and I see that they dont and are just that good.  green with envy, lol.  But I have gone and some of these people who are clueless, half dont care, the others are interested in doing better.  just have to accept it is the way people are and we will have it in every game.  help those who want to learn and kill those who dont (in game).  and move on, play for fun and keep it that way and it tends to happen.  IMO.  Happy tanking.


Edit... it actually makes me feel good when I am ccused of cheating, at leasty I know I am doing something right and learning, lol.  wish it happened more but....  I will take the 3 or 4 times its happened and cherish it, lol.  

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