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M-I-T Is Recruiting!

Strongholds Training

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Mausle #1101 Posted Oct 15 2021 - 19:53

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World of Tanks is a big game, and there are so many things to learn! Instead of dealing with the frustration of "I have no idea what I'm doing...", consider joining a clan. A good clan should not be focused on stats or how well someone performs in strongholds/clan wars, rather, a clan should be focused on helping others reach their full potential!

If you are looking for a clan that will not only help you reach your full potential but exceed it, then apply to M-I-T!


Minion Institute of Tankology (M-I-T).


What exactly can I expect from M-I-T?


  • M-I-T has a very friendly group of players who are always willing to run platoons to help improve your game play.

               These players are also very experienced in the game.

  • Our Commander and Executive Officers will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about either the

               game or the clan, at any given time.

  • We run Strongholds (specializing in Tier 6), hold clan training sessions, and other fun, clan-based activities that the Officers can come up with.
  • An overall great experience within World of Tanks.


What are M-I-T's requirements?


  • WN8 is not a requirement, level of play does not concern us as we are primarily a learning/training clan.
  • Have at least one Tier 4 tank in your garage.
  • A Tier 6 is required for participation strongholds, but not for clan entrance.
  • Have an interest in team play and a willingness to learn.


M-I-T is not a bunch of Unicums or Super Unicums, but we all want to get better and eventually reach those points. M-I-T can provide you with a solid foundation for World of Tanks gameplay. 


If you’re interested in our clan, drop by our website (http://m--m.enjin.com/recruitment) and fill out an application. Feel free to drop by our Teamspeak server and say hello as well (minions.enjinvoice.com). 


We would love to see you in our clan if you want to learn more about the game. As always, if you have any questions regarding the application process or anything clan related, message our Commander or an Officer in-game: RomanWar17 (Commander), Sgt_King_Gunner (Executive Officer), TomatoKiller (Executive Officer), Zuul66 (Personnel Officer), Mausle (Personnel Officer), Daffyd (Recruitment Officer) & DM_ranger2 (Junior Officer).


Happy Tanking!!! 



RomanWar17 [M-I-T Commander]


Sgt_King_Gunner [M-I-T Executive Officer]


TomatoKiller [M-I-T Executive Officer]


Zuul66 [M-I-T Personnel Officer]


Mausle [M-I-T Personnel Officer]


Daffyd [M-I-T Recruitment Officer]


DM_Ranger2 [M-I-T Jr. Officer]

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