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Only a moron cannot

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SwedishEOD #81 Posted Apr 19 2018 - 16:26


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View PostBuckSparkles, on Apr 19 2018 - 08:58, said:

Game isn't rigged, but if you have XVM you certainly can tell who on the other team jerks off as they point and click with gold rounds without having to aim.


I myself am trying to buy my first T9 and I doubt I have fired more than 100 gold rounds total through my WoT career.



You want a special medal for that accomplishment?


Take comfort in knowing that WG is changing premium ammo in the future...

Pongo #82 Posted Apr 19 2018 - 16:59


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View Postbabyhers, on Apr 14 2018 - 17:17, said:

realize that each and every battle in this game is rigged to have a predetermined winner.


When you are a 44% player you are hurting your teams chances every time and it would feel like that.


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