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Ever get the feeling that some of your tanks are cursed ?

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MetalMatrix #21 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 09:58

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Yep all the time.

awildseaking #22 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 14:31

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Not really. MM is just that streaky. It's so bad that you need to play a tank several hundred times before your true average starts to show.


Ex. 3.2k WN8 and 2 MoEs after 79 games in the T21. 49.37% WR. It's obvious that WR is going to shoot up 5-10 percentage points over the next couple hundred matches.

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sleeper_agent #23 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 14:33


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yes BIGLY....



SquareCanine #24 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 16:13

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Yes, but often in the other direction (tanks cursed to win, as such).


For example, my Churchill Gun Carrier. I typically don't like to draw conclusions at under 100 to 150 battles. Too many of the battles are stock grind, and with me still getting to know the vehicle. That said, at 92 battles, I have a WN8 rating 1,035, vs my overall of 1,250. Considering my general lack of cluelessness when it comes to playing and positioning TD's, that's a pretty solid 'exceeds expectations' for me, and probably speaks to the incredibly low bar this vehicle sets (you get a third class mastery for landing two shots, and maybe a kill). Yet I have a 65.2% WR in it. Since coming back to the game and playing probably 40 battles in it after some months away, I don't believe it ever got top tier in a 3/5/7 match, and only a couple times in 5/10 match. It's like there is an unspoken agreement where I agree to not be top tier in exchange for being placed on the better team. Or maybe the vehicle is having one hell of a lucky run. Either way, it's weird.


On the flip side is the Conqueror. I've not really played it since it was buffed, but in 297 battles I got up to 1,310 WN8, yet I hold a 46.8% WR. This is a vehicle I feel got top tier far too often, and my teams suffered for it. It's not really cursed so much as I never learned how to do useful damage in it, I think. But then you consider that I had a similar level of performance in the Caernarvon and 215b, and both tanks have positive WR's (though below my overall), and you start to wonder. My stats from 7 games in the Super Conqueror suggest that perhaps I simply shouldn't be allowed to drive anything with 'Conqueror' in the name.

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IronPanterloons #25 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 16:56


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The thing that I didn't notice mentioned (maybe I just missed it) is that until you get hundreds of games, the crew skills are low, assuming you aren't switching crews around or doing a massive amount of premium training games not reflected in your game totals.


It's obvious, but to truly gauge how cursed a tank is or isn't you'd need all variables the same...crew skills, crew quantity (separate loader or is the commander doing that too?), etc. Maybe some of your tanks truly are disadvantaged. And don't forget those soft stats!


And something I've noticed...at any given time on any given day the server population will dictate a LOT of where you're placed. Early mornings there is a fair balance of high\low skill players. Come 5pm or so here in Central USA time I see an influx of schoolkids begin, peaking at around 7ish and beginning to drop at 9 or so as the little'uns go to bed. From then on it's a death knell for me because it seems that 14 players on each team is 30000 games or more high skilled. That's when I catch up on youtube and grouse about "those durn kids".


Chances are if you'd dedicate yourself to one crap tank and play it all day every day, you'd eventually get over that hump, figure out the sore spot with it, and get your stats up. Most odd tanks to me just require a shift in my thinking in order to wake them up.

sleeper_agent #26 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 16:58


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I think my E100 is cursed. I am hoping to rig it of its demons sometimes soon!

ethics_gradient #27 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 17:10


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TVP TUP.  It has no armour, is kind of slow, no gun depression, a so-so gun with slow aim time, very tall.  I can actually work with all of that, except then I'm thrown into a Tier X battle.  Then I'm playing basketball - bounce, bounce, bounce.

_Gungrave_ #28 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 17:20


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Commonly people get the feeling a tank is cursed because they don't play it according to its meta, they yolo, or they're still stock and want to complain to vent their anger about being stock.


Trust me I've finished 330 tech tree tanks and done all 3 of those though yolo'ing less so and only when I was a wet behind the ears new player.

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BillT #29 Posted Apr 17 2018 - 23:19


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Here's one that makes me really want to believe in jinxed tanks.


M4A3E8 Sherman - 242 games at a 63.2% WR

M4 Sherman - 147 games at 61.2%

M4A2E4 Sherman - 229 games at 52.7%


I think I can reasonably claim that I play Shermans pretty well.  But then:


M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII:  60 games at 45.0%  (OK, low game count and this is very different from the regular E8)

M4A3E8 Fury: 127 games at 43.3%



I think the real factor here has to do with when I played these tanks.  The US medium line was one of the first lines I researched when the game went live in 2011.   That was back when there were just US, German, and Russian tanks and a lot changed between then and a year or two ago when I got the Fury.  Shermans may just be power-crept and relatively weak tier 6 tanks now, and if I re-rolled and played them again my WR might be below 48%.


The M4A2E4 data point lends credence to that, because it's a premium tank that I've played continuously since go-live,and it shows a win rate intermediate between the M4A3E8 and the Fury -- and very similar to my overall W/R.  But then, the E4 is a really bad Sherman, even in Tier 5.

TLWiz #30 Posted Apr 18 2018 - 02:41


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My tanks are all awesome.  Their driver, well, not so much.

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