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Tier 10 Italian Progetto M40 mod. 65

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RickEdwards #1 Posted Apr 15 2018 - 22:02

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As this tank stands now, it seems like a fun tank to play; the auto-reloading mechanic seems like a cool mechanic and makes the tank rather versatile compared to both auto loaders and non-auto loaders. And like they said, playing it like a non-auto loader only it is less effective than real non-auto loaders and the same with playing it only as an auto-loader, but the fact that you can play whichever way is better for the situation is really nice. Even trading shells it can be really good, like if you shoot off 2 of your 4 and then hide to reload; it's hard for the enemy to poke on you when they'll take 2 more shots for doing so, but at the same time it's not a good idea to let you reload.

All that being said, i think the alpha is a bit too low for it's 105 mm; it should be brought up to 390 damage from it's current 360. With that it will have a (base) reload for it's first shot at 9.59 seconds, which will still be worse than the next slowest 105 mm tier 10 med, the E50 M (121B's reload is getting buffed so E50 M will be the slowest) at 9.21 seconds; it IS possible that this gap is not wide enough so it might be necessary to make the Progetto's reload slower; maybe add an extra half second or so on all the reloads, but the 390 alpha is necessary to make it competitive with the other 105 mm gun meds.

As for the comparison to the auto loaders, the most similar one would be the Bat-chat 25t; which has a base reload of 39.16 seconds for 5 shells at 390 damage each for 1950 damage. As for the Progetto, it has a 49.86 second reload with the 4 shells, currently at 360 damage per shot for 1440 damage. It is clearly way worse than normal auto-loaders when played exclusively like an auto-loader, but once again, still too outclassed in my opinion. Bringing the shell damage up to 390 (bringing the clip damage to 1560; which really isn't that significant of an overall change; less than a 9% increase) would put it in a position where it is still worse than an auto-loading tier 10 when using it as an auto-loader, but not so much worse that it's not competitive.

General_Lee_Miserable #2 Posted Apr 15 2018 - 22:13


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I don't like it. Doesn't seem like its for me. I'll wait to see what the final specs are. It really really needs at least some turret armor to balance it. 


For all intents and purposes, it's meant to be played like a 2 shot autoloader. So, why not just make it a 2 shot autoloader? 

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Vardeman #3 Posted Apr 16 2018 - 00:30

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