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Clanwars map

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WileyCat #1 Posted Apr 24 2018 - 20:00


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so is the full map ever going ot be avalible again like it used to be or will we keep the only 30 or so provinces the same 20 clans have held for years :sceptic:

Devildog8 #2 Posted Apr 24 2018 - 20:25


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So making the map bigger will not let the same thing happen?  Tier 10 maps will always be dominated by the top 10 clans, anything you get will be crumbs and taken from you faster then you have gained it, remember you are just in their way to conquest and riches, so be ready to be cast aside, all you can do is just battle landing zones and try and earn gold to make the idiocracy a little enjoyable.

Bomber2994 #3 Posted Apr 24 2018 - 22:09


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Well there are currently 160 provinces on the global map. This relatively close to the number before the current CW2.0 map was released. It might seem smaller because previously a province was almost always an entire state with a few exceptions like Texas and California, where as now provinces are smaller areas of land such as cities. Province numbers are also slightly reduced based on a decrease in the player base. As for the top 20 owning the land, isn't the the point of competition? The best rise to the top and get rewarded and the rest fight to get better and be that top 20. Its like wondering why the Patriots always seem to be in the super bowl/playoffs. They consistently win, that's why. Sticking with the NFL analogy, the Jaguars would be that clan who works hard to prove themselves as a top 20 clan based on last season's performance. After years of losing seasons they passed all expectations and were considered one of the strongest in the league by the end of the season.

Bob_5000 #4 Posted Apr 24 2018 - 22:28

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Dont expect to be rewarded for mediocrity. It is about the best being rewarded. Thats competition, get used to it. Or you can choose to deplete the competitive aspect of cw. Remember, if there is no reason to "git gud" then people flock away and the game dies. 

sidewinderwill #5 Posted Apr 25 2018 - 00:25


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LOL like this game is doing well. on NA server... keep drinking the koolaid....

CrimsonGades #6 Posted Apr 28 2018 - 18:04

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UM-R sat out this season, after we finished 31st in season 7. 


I asked my clan if they wanted to do clan wars this season they voted no. 

Clan Wars since they did away with tier 6 and 8. = More drama, harder to get more people on at the same time. 

Friday and Saturday nights are the hardest days to get people on for clan wars. 


A lot of my members even told me clan wars is a waste of time anymore, you drop so much gold into firing gold ammo or repairs for what ?

575 gold, 2 camos and emblems, Last season we took 4 pieces of land during the entire season of clan wars. The day after we took land, our elo was low.

So the bigger clans who had elo up in the 1200 were dropping on us. so we just burned it and pulled off anymore after that.


I use to be all gun ho for clan wars every season, now it's whatever anymore for me. Clan wars was fun back when they had tier 6 and 8s.  


below is last season of tier 8 and 6. look at how much land we had to work with. 

Season 5 Lands

Fronts and Provinces

Tier VI Front: 251 provinces; 20% as landing provinces

  • Tier VIII Front: 119 provinces; 20% as landing provinces
  • Tier X Season Front: 88 provinces; 20% as landing provinces
  • Tier X Special Season Front: 68 provinces; 20% a
  • To
  • Playing Field Season 8 Lands
  • The Tier X front (for the Tier X vehicles) will include 160 provinces. Landing provinces will be about 16% of the total number of all provinces within the front.

A lot of clans say clan wars is to be a endgame feature

​Where does it say that at ?   Clan Wars is just a feature in the game for being in a clan. 

​Clan wars use to be fun, when it became 2.0.   Everyday in tier 6, we would fight a new clan, new clans were poping up everyday. Now, a new clan is just the same players, just they left a bigger clan and took players with them. 

​Wargaming took away tier 6 and 8 clan wars now tier 9 that were allowed with tier 10, tournaments, tankrewards.com, gold/silver and bronze league. 

Tier 6 and 8 strongholds got the same 5 maps you play on over and over. 

​people say this game is not losing player base, it is badly. The top clans will disagree, But this game is slowly dieing, You guys who sit here and whine, you got 2 options like I do, keep playing, or move onto another game. I for one is giving wargaming until june. To do something for me to keep playing, if not, I might just give control of my clan to one of my xo's and just go back to either

​final fantasy 11,or 15, go back to world of Warcraft.  






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