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alpha_fighter1 #1 Posted Apr 26 2018 - 03:11


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_C_T_ is a  semi competitive clan that likes to have a good laugh but puts on their game faces when needed. We do Strongholds tier 6 and 8 almost every night starting from about 7 EST to when we decide to stop. The great thing about this clan is we respect that life gets in the way and sometimes you just don’t have time to play our beloved game WoT. We are just a friendly group of guys/girls, the average age of the group is about 15 and up but all. (Exceptions will be made)  If you are interested in joining this clan please PM alpha_fihgter1, thomashills, cptmileniumf in game and state that you saw the forum post and would be interested in joining our clan, we will gladly consider your application. If you would please take a look below of the list of requirements to see if you are eligible to save us some time. (Please don’t send in false applications or ones that don't meet the requirements)


1. At least 1000 recent WN8 or 4000 PR.

2. Must have TS ears and mic

3. Must maintain at least one battle a week (let us know if you have a trip or will be away)

4.Must be on TS when in games even if you are AFK

5. Must show up to skirmishes if you are on

6. Must have 1 tank from at least 2 categories for each tier

Tier 6


Heavies                      T-150, HT VI, Tiger 131

Heavy Mediums         Sherman Jumbo, Thunderbolt 7

Brawling Mediums       T-34-85, T-34-85m, VK 30.01D, Pudel

Snipers                       Hellcat, Skoda T25, Firefly, AC 4, Strv. 74

Lights                         Type 64, T37

Swarmer Mediums      Cromwell


Tier 8


Superheavy/Arty         VK 100.01 P, M40/M43

Assault Heavies           Defender , IS-3, 110

Hull Down Heavies       T26E5, T34, Lowe, AMX M4 49, Caervarvon

Tank Destroyers          T28 Prototype, WZ 120-1 FT, WZ 111-1FT

Mediums                       Centurion I, Pershing, T54 Mod. 1

Lights                           Bulldog, M41 90 GF, HWK 12, BC 12t, WZ-132, LTTB

Auto-Loaders               Lorraine 40t, Amx50-100, Emil I


(Exceptions will be made if necessary)  

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_Platform #2 Posted Apr 26 2018 - 03:20

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Try the section dedicated to clan recruitment.

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