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Skin mod changing garage stats?

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foxlight713 #1 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 08:59


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Just downloaded and put in skin mods for the m4a1 revalorise and the panther 88.  It is a valkyria chronicles (VC) skin mod, the M4A1 to the "Nameless" (a "Not" tiger 2 from the VC universe) and the Panther 88 to the "Edelweiss" (a "Not" panther/pz4 from VC universe). Now the models look amazing however something odd happened.  The armor stats changed (at least were the most obvious), the m4a1 now looks like heavy tank armor and not the armor of a m4 shermann.  The panther 88 was changed slightly but still looks like a medium.


Should I be worried that this was more than just a "skin model" mod and did the actual armor of the in game model change? (I've already uninstalled the mod to worried that it did change the armor values, very sad because the models are amazing.  Would anyone know what files do this do I can Not install them and just use the skins.)


Or is this an issue with the skin model itself that changes the text file related to the armor stats of the vehicle but the game will still read the vehicle's proper stats, ie. the m4a1 still has the armor of an m4 sherman and not a heavy tank.


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Ndtm #2 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 11:56


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It's just visual, the server knows what tank you're playing and has it's own set of values for the tank so even if you could change what your client thinks doesn't mean the server will too

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