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My first game in Progetto M35 mod 46

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coconut2011 #1 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 17:02


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Only 2nd class with 1240 exp though.  I thought this tank's armor is bad, but somehow I bounced a number of shells.


This tank is quite OP in that while most autoloaders after unloading all their shells, they have like 20 seconds or more unable to fight back.  You can safely chase them down.  Against this tank though, you need to be careful.  And the typical approach of counting shells against autoloaders do not work against this tank.

NiteDog #2 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 17:12


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In the right hands, this tank has demonstrated that it has to be contended with. Congrats OP.The only thing that I have noticed about this tank is its gun accuracy can be unreliable at times.

DomoSapien #3 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 17:49

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My impressions of the Progetto m35 Mod 46 so far, compared to the current iteration of the Progetto M40 mod 65 on Common Test:

The M35 is a more forgiving version of its Tier X counterpart. It shares similar attributes insofar as not being able to reliably snipe targets towards the edge of the draw distance circle, average alpha damage and DPM, with high penetration and good potential for flex play with high mobility and the autoreloading mechanic.

If you're interested in trying out the Italian line, but don't know if investing the time into grinding out the entire line is worth your while, the M35 is an excellent introduction to the high-tiered Italian tank playstyle. I've played about 40 battles on mine so far, with a winrate of 58%. 

I know you already have your M35, curious to hear your impressions once you have a chance to run some more battles? I think it stacks up pretty well even in tier X engagements.

RC_1140 #4 Posted Apr 27 2018 - 18:02


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I love mine and its quickly becoming my favorite tier 8. I'm just curious what you have to do for 3 marks. 2k isn't good enough for 2.

WIZD #5 Posted Apr 28 2018 - 05:07


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I'm not proficient with it but I did some checking and of the tier 8 med 6 have an avg pen of 212 or higher the armor is better than 2 (that I can remember) of those 6. The best of the those 6 is the Chinese 59-Patton also a prem tank. I have to say it will be great in the right hands. The players are proving it to be a formidable opponent.

Connor_344 #6 Posted Apr 28 2018 - 12:10


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You got second class because there are a lot of people playing with the tank, you should know that whenever a new tank comes out it is difficult to get an ACE. That does not mean that it is OP, it is just a new mechanism, that people will already realize how to deal, I did not have any problem in dealing with one on the battlefield and I am not very good player. It's just a good tank :D

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