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KRZYBoop's Used Tank Emporium: Progetto M35 Mod.6 Sale

I got deals you wont believe Progresso Meat ball Italy New Tank OP Semi Auto

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cloudwalkr #41 Posted May 04 2018 - 22:40


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View PostMacDaddyMatty, on May 04 2018 - 12:26, said:

I think that a lot of posts on this thread illustrate why WG staff doesn't communicate with players.

We're jerks, and they take a bunch of crap when they do.

YMMV, but



sums it up. One of my kids once complained "My ice cream is TOO COLD!"



Here's the thing...

This game is a "free-to-play business model".

They are a business. They have overhead. They are here to make profit.


Bottom line:

1) there are people who will never buy what they sell.

2) there are people who will always buy what they sell.


So, they run the metrics and determine where is the "sweet-spot" that will maximize sales (get the most of the later and the least of the former).

This Spaghettio package is it folks.


Its the same reason that WoWP sold a tier 5 premium for $1 not too long ago.

It was a gateway sale to get people to play WoWP.

WoT doesn't need to do this as they have a player base that supports the business already.



Hope that helps.




You're not wrong, but at the same time WG have been using some incredibly shady business tactics that I'm not ok with and feel the need to voice my opinion about it.  Otherwise nothing ever changes.  That's cool if you're still ok with how they do things, I'm personally not.  They made truck loads of money before when they didn't use such tactics, and I would spend money on them back then.


You could tell people like me "if you don't like it, don't play" and that's correct to a point and my recent games played showes that I'm following that for the most part.  I will still voice my concerns in threads like this one because I would actually love to spend money here again, but the way WG does things is not ok with me.  If nobody ever voices concerns then nothing will ever change, and personally i want it to change back to the way it was in the beginning when WG made their name on this game and were making boat loads of money.


My opinion why WG mods don't typically respond to players is that they can be seen through in most of the responses they'd give.  OP's done this in this thread in my opinion.  His $56 example is one of them.  He priced a lot of things based on a gold (real world money) value that most players (except for WG mods it seems) are smart enough to buy with credits made in the game while running a premium tank and passed it off like we're getting a deal.  That's shady.


Not trying to cause a big argument with you bud, just voicing concerns with issues I see.  If your local gas station told you they'd give you a huge discount on gas if you spent with them, then charged you extra for a bunch of lighters and chocolate milks that you don't want or need, but never informed you that you'd have to buy the extra stuff to get the "discount" until you've already started pumping gas would you be happy with that gas station?  Pretty horrible analogy but I think it still works.


These are all my own opinions and I can tell I'm a minority here because obviously WG sells these bundles like crazy or they wouldn't do it.  Just not me.




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captainpacifist #42 Posted Jun 13 2018 - 21:33


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View PostKRZYBooP, on May 03 2018 - 15:48, said:

"If you prefer having the Progetto M35 mod 46 without the extras, keep an eye out for the standalone offer coming soon."






So uuuuh, KRZYBooP. Where's that standalone Progetto 46 bundle? I'd love to be able to give Wargaming some money.

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