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Update 1.0.1 Bugs and Issues

wot 1.0.1

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Xstincshun #81 Posted Jun 14 2018 - 04:07


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Game CTD 2-3 times right after the battle ends. There were a few times it CTD during map loading for next battle. Only started after last patch.

DPJoseyWales0331 #82 Posted Jun 22 2018 - 01:20


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Its kind of funny, my Rhm has several times today been shot by a tank I know is there, in the open, but invisible. Wouldn't be so bad but its right around 50m or less, no bushes trees or rocks for them, and at least twice they shot me more than once without popping... At first I thought it might be me, but someone specing me the last time it happened commented on it as well. I just figured the last patch wg put in a f/u Rumby script.

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