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[1.0.1] Frontline Mode

1.0.1 frontline feedback

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LunaCada #61 Posted May 20 2018 - 06:06


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Good concept and great map! I just got my 1k bonds. Probably a glitch I didn't get the final emblem for it. I really hope this mode stays and you guys make more maps like this. 


Good job. 

pauludowiesner #62 Posted May 20 2018 - 08:30


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i quite like this this mode it seems you guys were going for a battlefield type re-spawn  mode its cool taking the 6 points to get to the objective is cool and works fine but!!!!! the objective is far to hard i bounced every round in 3 games i dont know even how to pen these other then getting round behind them, the game length time is grate i like long rounds its like playing battlefield and that was grate.


now point 1; its fine the way it is but it cost too much in credit to play like rampage which flooped in the end because people just didnt want to pay to lose round after round, make it payout more to balance the costs please and people will like it.


point 2 ; make the objectives easier to pen or at least include the turrets specs in the tankopedia so we know where to hit them  


point 3 ; this mode would rock if we could afford to play it and objectives were a little easier to pen it could be quite a successful mode but just dont leave the one map too long introduce another soon please i dont think i can play this one map too much 


Eateroftheworld #63 Posted Yesterday, 07:28 AM


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Lag is still going bonkers.

Also why did you guy put this mode on lockdown after 11pm? I get home actually wanting to play the game now that tier 8 is actually fun to play..... And I don't even have time to use a full consumable before it shuts down for the night....

StaticWednesday #64 Posted Yesterday, 11:18 PM


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I like Frontline Mode...mainly because it is all Tier 8  usually Tier 8 is Tier 10 fodder.


The only problem I see is that players do not know how to play or just dont care to learn what they are supposed to do.


I think you should also open this up to lower every tier tank 5-9.


Another idea would be to have Line specific battles in this mode...ie ...all USA vs Russian or German vs UK.....



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