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New Game Mode Crashes on Mac


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bigidle #1 Posted May 08 2018 - 00:31


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Tried to run the new game mode that started today (huge map 30 tanks). It warned me that it would not function, and yup it crashes or locks up immediately. I guess we are now officially third class players. I sent codeweaver a lot of debugging info that they asked me for but never heard back or seen any updates since 1.0. Oh well it was a fun game while it lasted. I have eeking by restarting every other match to avoid the lockups but I suppose I should give up.

AndrewSledge #2 Posted May 08 2018 - 00:42


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I have crashes, too. On my end, I think it's related to the computer overheating from the extra work due to the large maps. Same thing happens with Grand Battles.

GadgetHackwrench #3 Posted May 11 2018 - 19:17


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I turned down graphics to standard for frontline on my macbookpro and it only crashes on occasion maybe once every 3 matches and then I login back to game without issue. So far I have the first 30 set completed.

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