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Berlin's Five: Staff Breakdown!

Berlins Five cromwell b isu-122s thunderbolt is-2 rudy

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WolfAttack_1 #21 Posted May 13 2018 - 23:10

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Perhaps one thing that was not mentioned by the OP is that the initial crew skill is "free", meaning the second skill grinds like the 1st, etc.

TheGipper22 #22 Posted Yesterday, 02:06 AM


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View Postbravo9er, on May 09 2018 - 09:14, said:

I'm fairly certain the dog bark sixth sense sound was a unique feature to the Rudy when it was first released.  In fact, it preceded the standard sixth sense sound.  It was the only tank that made sound when the sixth sense went off.  The dog bark went away when the sixth sense sound was added to the game to all tanks, at which point the sound was nerfed to the same sound as all other tanks.



?  All tanks have sixth sense now ?


So my crews I keep training 6 th sense on have a wasted crew skill ?

TheseViolentDelights #23 Posted Yesterday, 07:35 AM

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I think he's saying that all tanks now have a sound that plays when 6th Sense is activated, while it used to be a visual cue only except for Rudy (which had a dog bark).



Since the dog never leaves the tank, he should have 6th Sense himself and still bark.

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