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mountain pass turtle strategy is op? any counters?

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caspertoo #1 Posted May 09 2018 - 03:21


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So I've been seeing that if you are attacking land that has mountain pass against almost every team, most will just turtle with a combo of type 5's, some e100's and t57's as DPM beind them, maybe a maus or two.  If they turtle along the the top of the ice road there is almost no way to get them out where they aren't bringing a bunch of HE against the first couple tanks.  You can't counter them with arty from any position on the map.  Anyone have any counters to this?

Platedmeat #2 Posted May 09 2018 - 03:42


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There are at least 3 spots arty can set up at to hit the top of the ice road.

PapioTitan #3 Posted May 09 2018 - 03:52


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OK, I'll bite as I think I see the picture. You could cap and make them unturtle? as half the cap can't be seen from that position. You can go around and/or surround them and engage with your own heavies. Arty can move to engage. Or ignore them whilst you F up the rest of their team if they're stupid enough to put all that fire power in one spot. Never seen that situation myself.....

simba90 #4 Posted May 09 2018 - 03:54

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Make a Maus house on the cap and put a ru med inside.

RC_1140 #5 Posted May 09 2018 - 06:04


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Could try 15 268v4's and see how that does.

dominator_98 #6 Posted May 09 2018 - 18:12


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One trick is to order everyone to back up as soon as they push out onto your force. This regroups your superheavies and strings theirs out, making focus fire much easier. As far as the Ice Road, I’d run like 3 IS-7s down it and that’s all. If they push your three tanks, push your main force into them. If they ignore three tanks, those guys have flanking shots. At worst, they leave three guys looking down the road and continue to camp, but you’ve got three of their guns looking away from the main force.

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