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[ #855] InfoCons - Hull Armor, Max Pen Icons for WoT

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Cloudskipper92 #1 Posted May 10 2018 - 01:58


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[ #855] v2 Release - Resized icons, changed type logo back to normal, added XVM style premium icon to designate premium vehicles.

[ #855] v1 Release. - Added example image

Hey everyone! I've made some icons that have been beneficial to me and wanted to share with the community. Please see this link https://files.fm/u/nr7v8pmc

To install the icons:

  1. Extract the files using 7Zip or similar program that can interface with the 7z filetype.
  2. Navigate to your WOT Folder -> res_mods 
  3. Place the folder into this folder. It may ask if you want to overwrite, hit yes.

Alternatively, you can import the icons using the XML document also included in the zip. You will need the Tank Icon Maker to do so. It's pretty self explanatory so I won't go into that.

Info on these Icons:


  • Tank name is at the top left
  • Hull Armor is at the bottom left
  • MAX Penetration is at the bottom right
  • Tier is at the top right. It will change colors as the tiers get higher, this is normal.
  • Tank type icon is in the center. 
  • Next to the tier is the premium designation, if it is a premium vehicle.


Please PM me or reply here with any errors or omissions that you encounter and I will fix it.




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