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T95E6 Did the Buff make it any better?

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ItzRocket #1 Posted May 10 2018 - 07:16


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Hey Guys recently bought back my 95e6 to see what the changes are like.

If you don't have one or are considering getting it in the upcoming campaign come watch the stream for a bit to see how it performs. 


Scorpiany #2 Posted May 10 2018 - 09:22


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The buffs were a huge improvement to the tank. The combination of gun handling, DPM and mobility makes it like an STB-1 except with a more reliable gun, or like an AMX 30B with more reliable armor. The changes put the tank into the spotlight, and it's felt extremely competitive so far based on what I've seen.

TornadoADV #3 Posted May 10 2018 - 13:08

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It's DPM is on the level of the Tortoise now, it surprises a lot of Soviet medium clones that think they can beat you in a DPM war.

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