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Contest + stream for gold, details within

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Assassn_Gallic #1 Posted May 14 2018 - 07:47


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Contest #1

Looking for funny replays/moments in world of tanks.

Have something that made you laugh? send it to anthologee.rattlesnake@gmail.com

Note, some of these will be used on my youtube channel, at the end of the month i'll pick the replay that i found funniest and gift you gold.


Contest #2

I am a twitch streamer for World of Tanks and community contributor and would love to see some new faces drop by so this will be an easy contest!

All you need to do to enter this contest is simply follow me @ twitch.tv/assassn_gallic316 + join my discord and set your name to your world of tanks name + server.

Eg: Tanker1 - NA

After doing the above simply message me on discord expressing interest in joining in. Discord is https://discord.gg/kVXGcdP  you do need to have at least watched 1 hour on the stream to be eligible
Remember you need to message "Assassn Gallic" on discord.

At the end of the month i'll assign everyone a number then use a random number picker and contact the winner.


Grand Contest #1 
Getting the best clip of the month in my stream, whether it is funny, a good display of skill or an epic fail.
This contest does require you to be actively watching so you can clip the moment if/when it arrives.

After the first submission for clip of the month, a 30 day timer starts, when this ends the winner with best clip judged by me will walk away with 2k gold.

Both contests are worth 500 gold each currently with the bonus grand contest being worth 2k gold.
You can enter multiple contests.

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