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Looking for Clan: Arty Friendly and Clan Wars!

looking for clan recruitment artillery GW E100 BC 155 58 T92 HMC Clan Wars tactics value of stun stun mechanic

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Beefy_Tanks #1 Posted May 15 2018 - 17:08


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Howdy, I'm Beefy_Tanks!


As much as I love the skill of my current Clan Wars team, and how competitive they are and how serious they are about Clan Wars, the social environment has become toxic. Anyone outside the clan wars team hates you for playing Arty because they haven't seen what you've done in Clan Wars and refuse to watch the professional quality official videos you make for the clan to see the proof (which I am happy to make for my new Clan if they want to start a YouTube thing). The people in the clan wars team are 75/25, most of them see the value and appreciate the effort, the rest have always hated Arty and will never change. My personal opinion is that if players from time to time played artillery they would understand the frustration. Most players complain when RNG sends their damage from 350 to 240, when Arty players are busy complaining that RNG made them miss their target entirely and they have to wait 50 seconds to fire again.


Instead of dealing 1300 or 1800 damage, I deal 350 and stun the target for 14 to 20 seconds.  I don't know about you, but if I was a heavy tank driver I would prefer to survive after getting hit by Arty. It's my personal opinion that although I loved dealing One-Shots like handing out lemonade, I would have to say that Arty is the most balanced it's ever been. As a clan wars tool, it can be used to stun the front, allowing Heavies to take advantage, but it doesn't make a tank disappear entirely. It helps heavies (who hate Arty) and it helps Arty players get great scores. I usually rank in the top three in damage with half the time taking the top spot. 5K+ is not unknown territory with my JagPanzer E100 or my GW E100, and I have videos to prove it. I can play all classes, I just prefer artillery, tank destroyers and light tanks.

Now about my player rating. For the first 3 years or so that I played this game it was on a computer that could better be described as something Texas Instuments would make for students. A Pentium 4 processor, 4GB of RAM and no video card made playing the game very Russian, if you know what I mean. Now, with an i7 7700, 32GB and a 1070, I can not only enjoy the game and show what I've always had, but I can also render 4K video for use in Clan Wars training videos and advertisements for the Clan. My current clan leader told me that I was doing "too much, too quickly" after joining and immediately starting to make videos involving our great Clan Wars performances. I need a clan that will appreciate the huge advantage a clan has in recruitment and reputation when these videos are common mainstay.


This is not an Arty nerf OR buff thread. I don't need to hear how I should be gassed or castrated. I don't care if you have complaints about the class, or that you think it's overpowered.  What I care about is finding a group that understands the value and application of Arty in Clan Wars, and does not have a horrible environment in their TeamSpeak of hatred and disgust over a class of tank in a video game. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate any inquiry.

Also check out the channel that I have built recently. The most recent (and by far the best) videos are currently under NDA due to clan tactics content, but I will be releasing them soon.

Thanks again! Be sure to crank it to 4K!


MacDaddyMatty #2 Posted May 15 2018 - 17:18


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Hi... (deja vu)



We have several awesome arty players including Kebab (the original Bert the Avenger).

 We do Clan wars and focus mostly on getting as many members of the clan (who want it) the reward cammo.

After a season, we do Pz1C races to give away any gold.

 Our environment is very relaxed and friendly, and still nicely competitive.


This Thursday is Clan Games.

Come by and check it out.


Da pitch...



Beefy_Tanks #3 Posted May 15 2018 - 17:23


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That's a damn fine pitch. I'll be stopping by during Frontlines today to chat.

Devils_Bonzai #4 Posted May 15 2018 - 17:33


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Exiles is looking for players who want to succeed in WOT we want the go get'em attitudes, and the will to be active and ready for battle, we want only people who thinks that joining a competitive clan is more than just being an average player, we want players who want to step up and knock the competition down, if this is you and you meet the requirements below in my siggy, come give us a try, come do some SHs with us, see if you fit in.


See you soon

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