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[ST] New Map: Berlin - Second Test

berlin map supertest

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Gnomon #1 Posted May 16 2018 - 17:22

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Hey, everyone! 


Hope that you’re having a great Wednesday! I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that, tomorrow, we will be launching the second Supertest of the Berlin map. This test is aimed at making Berlin gameplay more engaging and flexible while smoothing out the rough-edges found during the first test.


You can read about the first round of testing for Berlin here: New Map: Berlin


Map Screenshots


First in our list of changes, the area that favors mediums tanks has been moved closer to the center of the map. This will allow medium tanks to help their teammates engaged in city battles. 


Next, the city blocks have become more varied. We’ve re-worked the gameplay here, which now keeps a balance between a large number of tactical options and predictability of battle flow. The buildings have also been re-arranged, which makes the quick spot of the enemy base from the city blocks no longer possible. 


Finally, we’ve added more covered areas to the open section of the map. These new areas will allow you to plan for a coordinated attack, or give your team a final chance to defend your flank if you’ve lost the middle of the map. 


As always, we’ll use the data from this test to continue to perfect gameplay for Berlin. With this test, we’ll check and see if the adjustments make Berlin better, and it will also allow us to see how close it is to arriving in the live game. 


Want to get a detailed view of the map? Check out our video below: 


Please be sure to leave your feedback, comments, and suggestions about Berlin below.


Have a great rest of your week! 

Sisterhood_of_Steel #2 Posted May 28 2018 - 17:37


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Love this new map, i noticed a bridge and no water, hmm how about releasing the dam at certain times and you better not be in there when the water comes?  Just a thought,

_Steel_Casket_ #3 Posted Nov 14 2018 - 22:05


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We'll never see it.

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