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t-32 potato

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Sgt__Guffy #61 Posted May 17 2018 - 04:01


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View PostKen_McGuire, on May 16 2018 - 19:32, said:

If you are an isolated tank, yes, an there are autoloaders who can destroy you in one clip, even if you are full health, with you maybe putting out 2 shots. Does this mean that Autoloaders are OP? Not really. It means don't be isolated - especially in a slow HT when you can't get out of there.


Instead, know where your team is. Know where your flanks are - and if they are covered. Yeah - especially in randoms you can't really trust your team to always cover your flank and punish people who go after you, but if you give your a team an chance at free damage, often they will take it - to your benefit.


Yes - some of the best players love autoloaders in front line - and love punishing isolated players. Don't be that guy.


Yes - the T32's alpha is less than that of many other tier 8 HT's, and so it should not try to trade damage. Instead, work ridges. Shot - and laugh as they either bounce off your turret or shoot someone else that they can actually hurt. Meanwhile, your good vision is helping all the TD's in the second line get free damage on anyone who dares push you.


It is a specific play style. It does take map awareness and sometime creative use of terrain. But once you learn how to do it, you will see that the Front line map has LOTS of places to do this.



Thank you Ken. I usually go with a group, but they can have an annoying habit of getting destroyed. I try not to get isolated, but re-entering the game, or having to get to a repair station often you can leave you isolated and it is a slow tank to play catch up. Don't get me wrong, I can dish out the damage when the opportunity arises, but if time is not on the teams side sometimes you have to head for where the action is and hope! I admit I am not a natural heavy tank player, the T44 medium suits me better, but I only have the two and so I have to do the best I can with what I've got.


Like randoms it can go so much better if you have team players! 


Have fun,



Zuikakoo #62 Posted May 17 2018 - 04:43

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View PostAntediluvian, on May 16 2018 - 21:55, said:

free frontline tank - thank you. why wargaming picked the [edited]tiest heavy of all branches is amazing. thanks for the potato - thanks for nothing


Now hold on, the problems with the T32 are about the pen on its gun, but in Frontline, where its all tier 8, its not that bad.   Now against a Type 5 heavy you might as well drive into deep water, but the penetration is good enough to deal with Tier 8, (the IS-m and the VK100.01 exempted)   But its not like you're going to have to deal with a E50 or a T54 or a Action X in frontline.




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