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Map Management going into campaign

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Narwl_Legend_Emu #1 Posted May 17 2018 - 05:14


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Hello all,

It is that time of year again when we have a campaign coming up, many new clans looking eager to get some tanks, bonds, and camos. I am here simply to help anyone who wants help with map management, IE: chipping, timings, and some basic ideas for the campaign. I make this announcement every now and then and grab a few bites. This is free knowledge for map movements if you want the help. Just ping me some where or add me on friend list and we can talk about it later in the night. I will either be on Youjo or Mahou TS mostly. Again I like to help people learn how to do the map because it is important for every clan to have a person that can do the map. 



4th Campaign: took 3rd with FAM, lost to MAHOU, BULBA got 101 tanks

5th Campaign: took 4th with YOUJO, lost to MAHOU, G, R-7(close 3rd and 4th). Got 98 tanks, 2nd most total bonds, 2nd most people in the top 1% personal fame, 2nd most tanks. 

Also before i entered these clans I ran narwl through many smaller campaigns such as chieftain, kv4k, and got everyone who wanted a tank a tank.

ItzRocket #2 Posted May 17 2018 - 06:00


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Much respect to you emus for doing something like this, campaigns are hard to pick up but once you do they can be ran smoothly and anyone who wants a tank can get one(save the one person who has internet problems and disconnects at the beginning of a game EVERY time)

Having run PUBBY through a couple I understand this, the first campaign I ran was hard and we only got few tanks but the second campaign we did great and kicked some better clans butts while getting anyone who wanted a tank a tank.

Georgietheprincess #3 Posted May 21 2018 - 00:29


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I've worked with emu before and their are few in the game who are better at map management. Take advantage of his offer, it will help.

Bsan77 #4 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 17:22


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Can you teach me to play arty instead? I don't have time to run a map <3

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