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How do you cycle your tanks per session?

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Gutem #1 Posted May 17 2018 - 07:18


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How do you cycle to get better with your tanks and also maximize your winrate on a session?

I do have 17 tanks in my garage I regularly play with (sold KV2 /O-I / all tiers 5 and below).

With the remaining "I will seriously learn these tanks and follow theses lines until the end" that are left:
- From the 17 tanks I have:
1 light I'm learning at tier 6
1 medium I'm learning at tier 6
1 arty I use for missions and make others rage at tier 7 (S-51) 
3 TDs I enjoy and grinding slowly 
All the other 11 are Heavies tier 6-7-8, majority of them Elite.


- Should I play at least 3 matches with each tank?
- Should I play a tank, win = continue; loss = stop and get next one?
- Should in a day either play "light or medium" to learn, but not both on the same session to not ruin it ?


What are your thoughts on tank selection per session?

WatashiWaDikkuGaDais #2 Posted May 17 2018 - 07:40


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Play the tank that you enjoy on that day, like i loved the A44 and im only 10k xp off the 416 but i havent played it in like a month because it doesnt feel good so i play something else

Red_Ensign #3 Posted May 17 2018 - 08:05


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usually I play the ones I haven't elited until I get my x2 in them, and then play just whatever else to make it a round 10 battles.


I don't worry about win rate.  I try to win, but if I have a bad day it's no big deal because tomorrow will probably balance it out.

Silversound #4 Posted May 17 2018 - 08:31


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You can sell tanks?

Scorpiany #5 Posted May 17 2018 - 11:21


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I just pick whatever I feel like playing, and keep playing it throughout the play session. I rarely will play more than 2-3 different tanks during a play session; many days I only pick a single tank and just play that. It helps me get into a "groove" with the tank I'm playing, and really figure it out / get the most out of it.


The only downside of this is that I don't have much variety with the tanks I play. However, this allows me to really learn the tank's playstyle. Add this on top of only picking tanks that I enjoy playing, and I end up getting the best possible gameplay experience with my tanks.

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3nr0n #6 Posted May 17 2018 - 16:32

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View PostSilversound, on May 17 2018 - 01:31, said:

You can sell tanks?


You tank hoarder:playing:

TLWiz #7 Posted Today, 01:04 AM


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I choose based on what I feel like playing and what I need to grind.  I'll play the bonus daily double then play something else. I play a huge range of tanks at an "average-ish" level. This doesn't really help me get better or maximize my winrate but it is what I do for fun. It is rare for me to play the same tank more than once or twice in a session and my sessions are about an hour top an hour and a half. I do have a garage with 224 tanks to choose from, some of which are very dusty. 

SKurj #8 Posted Today, 03:00 AM

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Pick something you want to play and then pick something with a similar play style in the event you die early...

TsarCidron #9 Posted Today, 03:51 AM


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Depends on my goal of the day. 

1.  Am I trying to grind out a tank?  Then I will likely play that tank near exclusively, with some similar type mixed in while my original tank is still in battle.

2.  Am I just trying to accumulate credits?  Then I will likely play my premium tanks to their first win, then repeat in those that I am enjoying today. Likely only getting to a handful of non-prem tanks.

3.  Am I just out there to have fun?  Then who knows.. Might play only a handful of tanks that I am in the mood for, or are known as fun tanks.

4.  Am I in a platoon?  Then I will try to be considerate of my partner(s) when its my turn to pick. Generally we rotate, with each of us taking a turn at tier selection.

5.  Am I chasing a mission?  Then I will try to play those that play to the missions needs.


I do try to at least try to get my top tier tanks their daily 2x/3x/5x at some time during a day's play, in addition to the above.

death_stryker #10 Posted Today, 06:04 AM


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Looking at your garage, I would suggest you focus on a few tanks and cycle through them. Since you have tanks that you're learning and tanks that you're grinding, I would suggest you try to get the 2x's on those, and unwind in your more comfortable tanks. Personally, I get really worked up when I try to grind (perhaps other than when grinding for marks, heh) tanks, so I tend to cycle through 3-4 tanks in a session (about 10 games for me). I split my games into equal portions of playing grinding tanks and comfortable tanks (usually premiums). This is my usual routine, and since I see that your garage is rather similar to mine, I think my routine might work for you. 


However, there is no doubt that concentrating your games in a couple tanks significantly increases your performance in it; as Scorpiany put it, you get into a "groove" with the tank. It's just that, for me, grinding stuff (especially stock tanks) this way tends to be quite stressful and unpleasant. Nowadays, I only do this when I'm really close to the next tank or when grinding them ego stripes. When I get a new tank I just free XP the important modules :D

GeorgePreddy #11 Posted Today, 06:05 AM


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As far as pubs... I find the tank that I do the best WN8 with (right now that is a tier 7) and I play it exclusively for a couple of hours during the daytime.


At night i play 18 different tier 6 and 8 tanks in Strongholds for fun and credits and to grind a couple of tech tree tanks at a time (the other 16 are premiums).





Captain_Rownd #12 Posted Today, 07:36 AM

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I play for the x2/x3/x5 only.  Don't have time to play for less XP.

oldewolfe #13 Posted Today, 08:40 AM


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I just play my Grinders and my Garbage Tanks....    The Teams aren't worth better since they're more Garbage than my Tanks....


When they Earn it, they'll get Better....     'Til then, not Interested....

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