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Need advice for UK and USA tier 9 tds

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IDK27 #1 Posted May 18 2018 - 07:20


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I am wondering which guns should I use in the T95 and the tortoise. What equipment and skills do others recommend? Both crew have which are in the tier 8 tanks have bia, safe storage, and off road driving (I can't remember what else). As right now I run rammer, vents, and optics on the t28. On the at15 I run rammer, vents, and binoculars. Any advice will be welcome and appreciated.



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Augustus_Sohn #2 Posted May 18 2018 - 07:24

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Get the big guns and make them sing. 

FrozenKemp #3 Posted May 18 2018 - 11:21


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Tortoise: you want that 120mm.  I run my Tortoise with Vents, Rammer, and Spall Liner to help protect against derp and artillery fire.  And I generally go right up and get in the face of the enemy.  That might not be practical before you have the 120mm, but with it your rof and DPM is good for both tracking the enemy and then filling him with holes in the side/lower glacis. 

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SirMuttonChops #4 Posted May 18 2018 - 14:56

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For the T95 you want the 155mm gun with Vents and Rammer. The 3rd equipment slot is dependent on your play style with the tank. I personally like getting close with it, so I use the Toolbox so my repair times are reduced as you'll be getting tracked a lot up close. If you like to play it a bit further back as an armoured support tank, you can go with coated optics to help with spotting.


For crew skills, you'll want to first get Repairs and grind it to 100%, then re-train the crew to Brothers in Arms to maximize your reload and aim time for the gun and improve other skills as well. You'll want to take the repair skill as your second skill to 100%, as when combined with BiA and the tool kit equipment piece you can usually fix a broken track in about 3-4 seconds which helps immensely (that's with all 4 crew members at 100% btw).


From there, after BiA and Repairs are at 100% each, it really becomes crew member specific. Clutch braking for your driver as the 3rd skill is a good idea as it helps with traversing the hull faster and will be active the second you take and improve as the skill is raised (or take it as the 2nd skill to benefit sooner from it). With the commander, taking the spotting skills for either the commander or radio operator (he's both in the T95) can never hurt. For the gunner, snap shot is always good. Loader is the loader, so fire fighting maybe?

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