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Lag: Frontline vs Random Battle

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Mad_Dog_Seabee #1 Posted May 18 2018 - 20:01


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Ever since Frontline released, I have been noticing serious lag spikes during random battles but no lag at all when playing Frontline.


By lag I am referring to my ping which normally rests at 35ms and only fluctuates to 50ms in Frontline, whereas on Random Battles it bounces to 500ms and more every fifteen seconds or so. It's pretty consistent and other people have told they are suffering from this as well.


Has anyone here on the forums noticed this as well?


@Wargaming Can you verify this and if so, are you currently working on a fix?

Elbroth #2 Posted May 20 2018 - 17:14

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yeah I have noticed the same. I am running at a ping of 75 MS and FR from 78 to 85 FPS.

Has to be the server they are using. With all the money I have gave them and has many of us buying prem tanks and Prem time. You would think they could afford server upgrades. :justwait:

Oh lets all buy a KV2 R maybe buying that tank Skin would help them out.. LOL OMG A KV@ for 35 dollars WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?????? :playing:

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