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What's so great about FV304?

Great? Nah Bert FV304 Bad?

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ArmorStorm #21 Posted May 20 2018 - 04:57


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View PostSenaKashiwazaki, on May 18 2018 - 21:18, said:

So what is so great about this thing.......?

The gun is atrocious imo.... Sure it can aim it way up in the air..... But it doesn't damage much... has like no splash and no stun.... Useless for campaign.... 

(I'm assuming this thing was great though before arty nerf, I played bishop and wrecked everything with it)

I say the french tier 6 arty beats this thing in every way pretty much....


Nostalgia mainly.  Pre-nerf (it was nerfed individually before the arty rework) it was AMAZING.  I remember a match where I raced between a couple of engaged heavies to shotgun all three enemy SPGs at point-blank range.  The RoF was high enough to permatrack reds within range.  Think E25 SPG basically. 

KanataKonoe #22 Posted May 20 2018 - 05:56


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The tank was so bad I free exped past it....

A 10$ well spent..... :rolleyes:


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