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Damaged Ammo Rack auto-switching Ammunition

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NeveahScottis #1 Posted May 19 2018 - 17:08


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Just recently I noticed that after having my ammo rack damaged, it would automatically load a different shell. There is no cue to let me know that my ammo has been switched, and I wouldn't notice it until long after, which can be disastrous if it decides to switch to premium ammunition. I've noticed this only on my FV4202, though I have yet to be ammo racked on any other tank (I am only really playing that Panther II as an alternate.)


I have to be extra vigilant and remember this the next time my ammo rack is damaged, but it's a bother when your head is in the game so much so that you can just as easily forget.

MagillaGuerilla #2 Posted May 19 2018 - 17:46


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I think you have to repair the damaged rack to keep using the same ammo. Otherwise it goes to the un-damaged premium rack.

death_stryker #3 Posted May 19 2018 - 18:42

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Trust me, there is no mechanic in the game that automatically switches what round you're loading without your permission. Don't listen to the misinformation spreaders.


If you want, you can upload the replay of the game in which this happened, but I am almost certain I know what was actually going on, because I've done the same thing many times. When you're in a tough situation, you often accidentally hit keys on your keyboard that you didn't mean to hit. Ammo is the primary suspect because the 2 and 3 keys are, conveniently, right above the W key. Since most people put their standard round on the 1 key, this means that when panicked, they'll often hit the 2 or 3 keys when trying to hit W or 4 (medkit/repair kit usually), and end up switching ammo types.


TL;DR When you got ammoracked, you probably panicked a little, and accidentally hit the 2 or 3 key.


Edit: hurr durr forgot to finish one sentence

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An_old_slow_guy #4 Posted Jun 04 2018 - 20:57


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With 56K battles I have never seen a damaged ammo rack automatically switch ammo type - it just doesn't happen.  You probably fat fingered it and selected a different ammo type by mistake. 

chirag_panikar #5 Posted Jun 29 2018 - 11:51


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In one of my games in World of Tanks an enemy hit me in the ammo and it exploded even though i had just 2 shells left AND one of them was loaded! So I was wondering... Could the ammo rack explode even if it has NO ammo? Or if the tank has only 1 shell that is loaded?

Bonus: Will the game play the clanging sound of shells if the tank has 1 shell left and the ammo rack gets damaged?   UC Browser Apk  SHAREit Apk  MX Player Apk


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Griffon327327 #6 Posted Jul 02 2018 - 16:55

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uh ??people ? .. fat fingers lil keyboard buttons ....mystery solved  or a lil less drinky drinky when playing tanky tanky


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